Morning Devo- What if you were sick and you didn’t know it? By Sherry Thorpe


What if you were sick right now? Wouldn’t you do whatever needs to be done to be in good health?

I started this blog with the original audience being those that travel or enjoy reading travel blogs but through my visit to Hawaii, Mexico and Belize I discovered that being in Spirit is my favorite place. In Spirit aka In Christ is my favorite destination.

The only way to this destination is through Christ as he says in His word, “I am the truth, the way and the life” – John 14:6 and The says that “Anyone who calls on His name shall be saved.” Romans 10:13. That means if you call on Him you WILL be saved, no membership card needed, no need to make donation, no need to go feed the homeless. You call, you are saved! If the Lord leads you to do the above do so firmly In Christ!

I’ve recently discovered through conversations, listening to music and tv that people really don’t know how to find that place in Christ or they are pretending to be there and they are not or they’ve simply never been In Christ. My observation wasn’t just of unbelievers but believers too. How could a Christian enjoy any place other more than they enjoy being In Christ? Or how does one fake “Being In Christ?” It was shocking to me. It was also shocking that a lot of people couldn’t relate to my simple experiences in Christ, the feelings, the realizations, and the truth.

STOP FAKING! I’m begging you if you are faking, stop it. You don’t have to fake it. Screw what this World says about believers. Being in Christ is OUR safety place. It’s our secret spot. It’s our heaven on Earth. How can you fake being here In Spirit? And you really don’t have to fake it, just turn your focus to Jesus and tell Him I want to be In YOU (In Spirit). I want to worship you there! And He will place you there spontaneously! Call His name and it will take you to our secret place.

This is a no judgement zone but sometimes we need to be called out when we are faking it or simply deceived. I want you to know what is real. I want you to experience Him for yourself. I want Him to be your Life, your peace, your joy, your enjoyment!

But then I met a people who knew they weren’t perfect but had no idea that they were sick. I’ve actually met sick Christians who behave as if they don’t know Jesus is the healer.

The same Jesus you read about in the Bible is saying TRY ME! I will LIVE in you. I will guide you. I will be with you always. I will love you and take care of you. I will heal you. I will restore you. I will transform you. Behold I make all things new. I will make you NEW! I will give you a loving family (the church) to support you and build you up In Me. I will give YOU LIFE.

The problem lies in that some people think that once you’re saved that they no longer need any more saving. Yes on one hand we are saved, but we are also being saved RIGHT now and the Lord goes before us and will continue to save us from the Devil and His wicked schemes against us. Needing Jesus isn’t some need that just appears Sunday morning. This is an everyday dosage that’s needed. We NEED Jesus! E V E R Y D A Y!

• We are sick and need to be healed from loving ourselves, things and others MORE than God! #NoIdolsBeforeHim

• We are sick and need to be healed from being prideful, coveting our neighbors possessions, lying (little white lies too), deceiving, always being right, showing fake love, being fake, laziness, living in shame, murdering people in our hearts, backstabbing, chasing money/success/men/women/ etc…

• We are sick and need to be healed and washed from what we’ve said, what we’ve done, what we’ve heard, what we’ve seen etc…

Its ok if you can relate to any of those I’ve written about above. The Lord is waiting with open arms for you. He is a loving God. Be humble and come to Jesus by calling on His name Right where you are! The Lord is the best Doctor and his healing touch is the best cure… for everything!

The Lord said, “It is not the healthy that need a Doctor, it’s the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance.” – Luke 5:31-32 Be unashamed to admit you are sick and receive healing from my fave Doctor❤️

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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