thirty w1ne – Getting better with time

Me at 30 and 364 days 📸 Auntie Bea

And the turning thirty w1ne happened!

A lot can happened in 1 year. Last year I entered my Thirties aka #Classy360 and today (Jan 28, 2019) I turned 31! It safe to say I’m no where NEAR where I thought I would be.

My life just isn’t going according to my plans. I’m truly learning what it means ‘God orders my steps’. This statement is so loaded. The God of this universe is ordering my steps and majority of the time, I am not consulted, forewarned/told about that next step or what’s to come. I have no idea what I thought walking by faith was but I definitely didn’t think it was this. What I see happening and think that I could predict the outcome or next step is going to be is usually not my next step, this has actually caused frustration in my life. Although sometimes frustrations come with ‘walking by faith’ my trust in God is being strengthened because I have no idea what the next step is. And sometimes even if I know the next step, I don’t know how to take the step. It’s almost like I become a baby learning how to walk as I enter each season and God says, ‘Come on, you can do it!’

📸 Auntie Bea

So here I grow again I stumbling into the next season totally trusting God’s word that I can do it. It’s not like I can do it on my own, definitely learning this by trial and error🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m learning that the doubt I have, was in myself and I’m learning to constantly remind myself that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! I can do this. Whatever God has called me in and through, I can do this!

Alright so here’s a one year update:

Last year #Classy360 | This year #thiryw1ne

lived in Irving, Tx, USA| Ft Lauderdale, FL 🏡

had 12 plus roomies      | has 2 roomies

did not live with Dad     | Lives with Dad

didn’t have working car| Has car 🚘

desired airline job           | got the airline job✈️

Single                                  | Still single

Enjoying life                       | Enjoying life

Growing with God, enjoying His word and patiently sometimes in frustration waiting on my #Boaz

Side note: My birthday theme this year is #thirtyw1ne. I totally planned this wine tour in Texas and those plans ceased to coming to pass so I dipped off to Guatemala to celebrate entering in a new year of another age for me. The first well known and documented miracle that Jesus did, was turning water into wine. I’m learning to give God what I got and watch Him turn water into wine in my own life. Witnessing this first hand has been quite magnificent. At the time Jesus turned water into wine, the disciples didn’t ask for a miracle because they barely knew Jesus, they didn’t know what He was capable of but Jesus’ Earthly Mama- Mary knew Him. She informed Jesus of a problem and commanded the wedding servants to do as he says! Sometimes we may know that God can do it and other times the thought that God can do it never crosses our mind. I’m so thankfully God performs miracles in my life whether I think to ask for them or not!💯

I’m so very thankful that God knows the plans He has for us. He knows the path He has strategically chosen for our each of our Life. I’m so excited about my future because I know my God will keep me. He has kept me so far and I’m so blessed by this keeping. So 🥂’s to allowing God to take the lead and being willing to and actually walking in the steps God has ordered! 💋 #thirtyw1ne here I come!

📸 Auntie Bea







Guat’s Up #Guatemala


oh my oh my oh my!

So can I tell you that my trip to Guatemala City and Antigua was completely spontaneous and was so magnificent! Can I just tell you that I am a planner! Especially when I go on a trip out of the country, I like to look for activities to do, sites to see, and get to know as much about the country as possible. Well this wasn’t the case with my trip to Guatemala! At the very last minute I planned a trip and was off to my very first visit to Guatemala.

Guatemala is located in Central America, near one of my favorite countries, Belize! Guatemala City is divided in Zones and and I stayed in Zone (Zona) 10 near the Oakland Mall!



Habla Espanol? Well I know a little Spanish and I got around fine. Majority of the country speaks Spanish. This wasn’t like Cancun where I could find a lot of locals who spoke English. I definitely felt the need to go back home and learn Spanish. Nonetheless everyone was helpful and I got around fine with the little Spanish I knew! Also I met a solo traveler (just like myself) and she knew more Spanish than me, so that helped a lot.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff right! What did I do? Well because I was only there for 3 days, I saw a lot but no where near all of what the country or even the two cities I visited had to offer.

The first place I visited was Oakland Mall! Y’all this mall was huge. I counted the number of floors a few times and I believe the number I care up was 8! Yes you read that correctly 8 floors! So if you’re a shoppaholic it’s a must you stop by the mall and get your fix! The mall has a plethora of restaurants on the ‘rooftop’ – not exactly on the roof FYI, it’s just that floors name’


The highlight of my Guatemala City visit was the mall. In Zona 10 there’s a bar and club area. Literally all within walking distance or an  UBER. <—- That’s a great Segway to transportation.

Guatemala public transportation- Guat has buses and Uber (super cheap) however I was advised against riding the Local buses due to the danger (FYI I went to Guatemala solo and not once did I feel threatened) in fact there’s plenty of police officers and security guards with guns and that helped with me feel more safe in the foreign land!

Guatemala’s money- There exchange rate was about 7.6 Q to the U.S dollar. I went to the bank in the Oakland mall to exchange my US dollars for Guatemalan Quetzal. You can pay with U.S dollars in Guatemala as well. But just to ensure I received the correct change and to avoid confusion, I paid with Guat’s Q or my debit card!


My plan was to take a tour from Guatemala City to Antigua but the tour companies would only take 2 minimum for the tour. But I’m so glad I was denied because my alternative route was much better! I googled and found a blog about Guatemala and low and behold Claire wrote a blog on how to get from Guatemala City to Antigua. And she mentioned ÇA Express. Aghhh this bus was the fanciest shuttle bus I’ve ever been on. They have a small bar, snacks/beverages for sell and free WiFi!!! And the owner Pierro (who is fluent in English) was so helpful. He is responsible for our smooth transition from his bus into Antigua! He knew the town and recommended all the hot spots. Pay the extra dollar or two and get the comfort, WiFi and amazing deets on Antigua!


Okay let’s jump to what is now my favorite city on EARTH! #Antigua ❤️

Antigua used to be Guatemala’s Capitol city but now Guatemala City is and OH MY it is full of culture, surrounded by volcanos and gives off great vibes! You can literally walk from one side of the city to the other side in 20’minutes!


Fast forward to a beautiful Farm to Table restaurant called Caoba Farm . Funny story because I wasn’t paying much attention to the name ‘Farm to Table’ as we were exploring the farm, I saw animals like sheep, chickens, pigs and turkeys. And I said, ‘Wow it’s like a small zoo!’ As I’m snapping photos. I was reminded by Jennifer that those animals will be someone’s dinner! #Wow 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Lol How did I miss that?! 😂😂But VEGANS don’t worry the farm had plenty of meal selections for you too!

Caoba Farm

Caoba Farm was my first ‘Farm to table experience and it was so grand. It’s a must you go there for lunch, breakfast, or dinner. Prices are reasonable as well. The average meal was around $10 to $15 USD. We visited on a Saturday and there was live music.

Caoba Farm- Curry Chicken sandwich, potatoes, salad and a strawberry smoothie
Strawberry smoothie with a flower on top!

Okay as I mentioned in the beginning that I didn’t spend enough time to get out of the country everything it has to offer but just because I didn’t doesn’t mean you can not. I have listed some other tourist spots in Guatemala. And of course I am going back so I’ll definitely update this blog post accordingly.

Atitlan Lake (2 hours from Guat City)- Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the World!

Pacaya Volcano (1 hour from Guat City)- Most frequently climbed Volcano. Views are amazing. I saw pictures from a girl that I met in a hostel and she was literally above the clouds. One of the reason I have to go back ASAP is to hike this Volcano. It’s a two day trip. Definitely worth it so alive heard!

Semuc Champey (6 hours from Guat City) -Natural pools

Chichi Castenango (2.5 hours from Guat City) Considered one of the largest indigenous market in the whole region!

Well that’s all folks! Thank you for checking out my blog post about my trip to Guatemala. Feel free to browse around. Just FYI, my blog is about my spiritual journey as well as my Earthly journey:-) Feel free to drop a comment. Until next time #WhereInTheWorldIsSherryCherryBerry. Who knows where I’m going next! ✈️✈️✈️