thirty w1ne – Getting better with time

Me at 30 and 364 days 📸 Auntie Bea

And the turning thirty w1ne happened!

A lot can happened in 1 year. Last year I entered my Thirties aka #Classy360 and today (Jan 28, 2019) I turned 31! It safe to say I’m no where NEAR where I thought I would be.

My life just isn’t going according to my plans. I’m truly learning what it means ‘God orders my steps’. This statement is so loaded. The God of this universe is ordering my steps and majority of the time, I am not consulted, forewarned/told about that next step or what’s to come. I have no idea what I thought walking by faith was but I definitely didn’t think it was this. What I see happening and think that I could predict the outcome or next step is going to be is usually not my next step, this has actually caused frustration in my life. Although sometimes frustrations come with ‘walking by faith’ my trust in God is being strengthened because I have no idea what the next step is. And sometimes even if I know the next step, I don’t know how to take the step. It’s almost like I become a baby learning how to walk as I enter each season and God says, ‘Come on, you can do it!’

📸 Auntie Bea

So here I grow again I stumbling into the next season totally trusting God’s word that I can do it. It’s not like I can do it on my own, definitely learning this by trial and error🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m learning that the doubt I have, was in myself and I’m learning to constantly remind myself that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! I can do this. Whatever God has called me in and through, I can do this!

Alright so here’s a one year update:

Last year #Classy360 | This year #thiryw1ne

lived in Irving, Tx, USA| Ft Lauderdale, FL 🏡

had 12 plus roomies      | has 2 roomies

did not live with Dad     | Lives with Dad

didn’t have working car| Has car 🚘

desired airline job           | got the airline job✈️

Single                                  | Still single

Enjoying life                       | Enjoying life

Growing with God, enjoying His word and patiently sometimes in frustration waiting on my #Boaz

Side note: My birthday theme this year is #thirtyw1ne. I totally planned this wine tour in Texas and those plans ceased to coming to pass so I dipped off to Guatemala to celebrate entering in a new year of another age for me. The first well known and documented miracle that Jesus did, was turning water into wine. I’m learning to give God what I got and watch Him turn water into wine in my own life. Witnessing this first hand has been quite magnificent. At the time Jesus turned water into wine, the disciples didn’t ask for a miracle because they barely knew Jesus, they didn’t know what He was capable of but Jesus’ Earthly Mama- Mary knew Him. She informed Jesus of a problem and commanded the wedding servants to do as he says! Sometimes we may know that God can do it and other times the thought that God can do it never crosses our mind. I’m so thankfully God performs miracles in my life whether I think to ask for them or not!💯

I’m so very thankful that God knows the plans He has for us. He knows the path He has strategically chosen for our each of our Life. I’m so excited about my future because I know my God will keep me. He has kept me so far and I’m so blessed by this keeping. So 🥂’s to allowing God to take the lead and being willing to and actually walking in the steps God has ordered! 💋 #thirtyw1ne here I come!

📸 Auntie Bea







Nothing dirty bout my thirty. #Classy360 #360Months


I gracefully walked into my 30’s today #Jan28.

I purposely made my birthday activities to include Classy, relaxing and fun things. I went to the Symphony De la cirque with the Dallas symphony (pics in my gallery), Spa Castle, and Church then brunch at Grand Lux in Dallas, Texas.

I wanted to enter into my 30’s with a clean slate and nothing dirty about it. I wanted to walk in the finished product of the growth from my 20’s today NOT tomorrow. I had plenty of dirty in my 20’s and I refused to bring that in my 30’s. I am so very thankful for all the life lessons that my 20’s taught me. I was like a sponge in my 20’s and I believe it’s bc I had no idea what I was doing so I was trying to learn. 21 is when I rededicated my life to the Lord so I spent most of my 20’s following Jesus; The rest of the time I spent following others or doing my own thing (whether it was the right path or not).

I felt the molding of God’s hands in my life in my 20’s as I stumbled into adulting. I believe there’s adulting and then there’s adulting God’s way. My pastor Tim Ross of Embassy City Church shared with us ‘Our parent set us up to leave the house and become independent but God always wants us to be dépendant on Him.’ How amazing is that? God is a forever walk with us God. I don’t believe I would be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for God being intentional about walking with me.


God stripped me, invested in me and molded me and I blossomed into someone I didn’t think I could become. I became a woman of faith. Of course my journey isn’t over but the plans I had for my life are definitely not being lived out today through me bc My God intervened, redirected and ordered my steps. Allowing God to wrought himself into me has been great pain and pleasure but I am beyond convinced it was/is worth it. I completely did a 360 because who I am today isn’t anywhere near the girl I was.

Side note: My birthday theme was called Classy 360 to remind myself I’m a classic and 360 is 30 Years Times 12 months. Also to symbolize the 360 full circle transition into my 30’s. 

I am in a different place all together where I have no clue to what’s ahead. I am literally walking by faith. I am not sure what the Lord has planned ahead but I do know it is to cause Christ to grow in me. I am extremely excited to continue this journey of walking with the King of kings. So no I don’t have the house, the spouse, kids, degree, career or car I planned for but I have God who knows the beginning and the end, who makes crooked paths straight, the Promise keeper and the perfect leader leading my life. I know I am right where God intended for me to be right smack dab in the middle of Irving, TX, USA, member of Embassy City Church, Pharmaceutical Patient care coordinator, riding public transportation,  and living with 10 to 12 maybe 13 room mates at any given time. So I may not be where I planned but I’m where I’m needed to grow. My life is being written by the perfect Author and I’m loving the chapters thus far.  I’m ready for my 30’s adventures and I am so excited that God has given me G R E A T friends to enjoy this journey with. I know one thing I’ll be doing and that is enjoying life with God and them. 🥂 To turning 30.




What was your ‘turning 30’ experience like?