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So I lived in Dallas For 20 plus years and hadn’t explored Dallas until I befriended out of towners! To my surprise Dallas is a hot spot and there was so much to do outside the comfort of my home🤣😂🤣. 

This is blog post will be added to with more amazing things to do until then check out the below activities from Spas, hotels, museums, bars, amusement parks, and an outdoor movie theatre #ohyeah!


Enjoy the spa as well as getting a couple massage. You can find discounted tickets on Groupon from time to time. 🚨 Be sure to look at the entry day and the expiration date. 




Spa Castle

Outdoor/indoor activities 

Dallas Farmer Market

Location: 1010 S. Pearl Expy. 

Price: FREE

When: EVERYday 8:00am-5:00pm except for Wednesday (Weekends are THE  best.)

Six flags https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas

Hurricane Harbor https://www.sixflags.com/hurricaneharbortexas

State Fair (seasonal usually Sept & Oct)  https://bigtex.com

Klyde Warren (food trucks on the weekend). This park is in the heart of downtown Dallas with daily activities click ➡️  Things to do for the events!

From Klyde Warren Park catch the M-line vintage trolly though Uptown- The M-Line’s air-conditioned and heated restored vintage trolleys operate normally 365 days a year, providing safe, clean, reliable, and convenient public transportation free of charge (except charters) in Dallas’ vibrant Uptown Neighborhood. Schedule (click)

whirlyball – a competive mix of lacrosse, basket ball. (located in Plano/Hurst)

Pinstack Bowling -bowling, rock climbing, laser tag, games, bar and chef-inspired cuisine.”


Nylo hôtel rooftop bar (maybe renamed Canvas Hotel) – Address (click here)







Shell shack




Want to take some dope photos?! Please visit Sweet Tooth hotel


More museums listed here


Best places to watch a movie

Drive in movie theatre (Fort Worth)

Paint with a twist



Omgoodness. Texas winos is one of my favorites things to do. When you take the Texas winos tour you will tour up to 3 wineries, provided with a wine glass, a photographer will capture the moments. No need to worry about transportation as they will provide a travel bus (other groups will join you and your party of 2, 3, 4 plus peeps!)


Many popular cities in the USA have a city pass tourist pass where you can visit multiple popular places in that city for a discounted rate. Find the city pass discounted ticket below:


CityPASS Admission Includes





How to recover from abuse.

A fancy title was unnecessary for this unpleasant topic. As I begin to type there’s such a fear for me to continue but I am sure based on God’s secure words that He has not given me a spirit of fear but of peace and a sound mind.

So here we go. Did you know 1 in 10 children have been sexually abused before the age of 18? Click here


Screenshot taken from d2l.org site


I wanted to touch a few points regarding molestation as well as share my story in hopes to help someone receive necessary healing and freedom from the pain that’s associated with experiencing it.

1. It’s NOT your fault. If a person touched you or performed any sexual acts with you as a child (or against your will) it’s not your fault. Grown ups should protect children at all cost. Unfortunately we live in a very sinful, sexual world. Some people have a desire to seek sex from a child and force themselves to steal a child’s purity and it’s not ok and it’s not your fault. It’s that person’s wicked desire to engage in something God did not make right.

2. Secrecy turns to shame. The violation that one experiences regarding this topic causes some to keep it a secret (especially if they’ve been threatened or asked to). Sometimes horror stories of not being believed causes one to keep their mouth closed until the pain outweighs their shame. The violator May ask for the child to keep it a secret from fear of being exposed to the wickedness they are for sure isn’t right.

3. Confront it- This may be hard but is absolutely necessary for you or the person/child to move on. Accept the fact that it has happened and sadly the past can not be changed but you can absolutely walk in complete freedom the pain. Counceling may help you. Talking about it is one way of confronting what happened and processing it.

4. Forgive the violator. A lot of people think forgiving a person is giving them a pass to continue on misbehaving, or saying that they are right and that’s not the case. Being molested is not right and when you forgive that person that violated you, it will FREE you from the pain they afflicted upon you.  I saw a fb post the other day, ‘when we don’t forgive it’s like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.’

5. Enjoy life– The past can not be changed but your future can be. There’s so much in life for you to experience and I want everyone that has experienced molestation to know that there’s such a beautiful World for one to experience. The pain you encounter doesn’t have to be a weight you carry for a lifetime. You can enjoy life and live a healthy life although you’ve experienced this tragedy as a child. I am a living testimony.


On to my testimony:

Around the age of four I was molested by an extended family member. Looking back on it; it seemed normal. I was a child and he said, ‘let’s be friends.’ And then he did what he did to me and said, ‘it’s our secret, don’t tell anyone.’ The last time it happened I guess my little child self was fed up and I told him. ‘I didn’t want to be friends anymore.’ And He never touched me again (actually I think a family member suspected something and eventually he was removed from the household). I remember going to school one day and the school had a puppet program and it was about molestation (kid friendly). At the end of the program the question was asked, ‘Has anyone touched you?!’ And I remember wanting to say something (in fact I used to have a lot of black outs from my memory around that time so I am not for sure if I did or not.) At the age of 11 I shared with one of my friends what happened and she shared that she too was molested. Sharing with my friend gave me the courage to share with another friend and she was molested to. When I got older I did alot of research and found some devastating statiscs on molestation. It happens so often and usually with someone in the family or close to it. The violated can easily become the violator and it turns in to vicious cycle.

Sharing with my family wasn’t done in a pleasant way at all. In fact it was messy, chaotic and disrespectful. I was 21 years old and the guilt of my own sins (having sex before marriage, doing drugs, not honoring my Dad) and the shame of molestation was such a heavy burden for me to carry. I literally told my family and later wanted to commit suicide (I’ll be doing a blog on suicide at a later date.) Later that week I gave my life to Jesus and entered such a loving relationship with Him. Jesus not only healed my heart but freed me from all the pain I encountered as a child!


How did I forgive the man that violated me? I just remember struggling with a particular sin and meditating on the scripture, ‘all fall short of the glory of God.’ And I thought about all the bad things I did and how out of control I was and felt. I mean I was a thief, liar, backstabber, drama starter, disrespectful and much more. Jesus died for and forgave me just as he died for the man that molested me. Soon my heart was softened. I don’t think anyone truly wants to hurt a child however I believe being controlled by a sinful nature can cause a person to do ungodly things.  This thought allowed me to whole heartedly forgive him and move on. That moment has also caused me to be more understanding and merciful regarding people’s choices to choose wickedness over righteousness. I take great comfort in knowing, ‘that all things work together for good for those who love God.’ Being molested didn’t destroy me but I do believe if one isn’t healed the pain associated with the violation will kill the person; Unforgivess, shame, and pain can cause physical sickness in the body. We can get the counseling we need to move forward and enjoy the life God has gifted to us.


Check out this blog on how to spot a molester :


I hope this helps you or helps you understand molestation a little more. I pray that the Lord heals your heart completely if you’ve been violated in any way shape or form. I pray that you truly walk in the freedom God has planned for your life. Please feel free to leave me  comment or a DM if you would like through social media.


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We are being sent to dangerous environments! Are you prepared?!


Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.“ Matt 10:16

Wolves are natorious for preying on sheep. Wolves will hunt and eat a sheep. This gruesome message from Jesus isn’t something to take lightly. I am sending you to very dangerous situations. I am sending you to a situation where the people would like to devour you. Be as clever (shrewd) as snakes and harmless as dove. Be strategic. Be aware. Be sober of people and your surroundings.


Oh I am so thankful for the Bible. Every word provided in it is so  critical for our understanding and walking by faith.  The warnings and messages will serve as important treassures to live by, to be gaurded in, and to meditate on. It’s beautiful because the Lord not only thought of everything so we might have success as faithful children but God also provided the very tools so that we would have the ability to walk it out. The very best resource we have is the Holy Spirit that perfectly teaches us all things, warns us about all things, convicts us, leads us, and comforts us. The Holy Spirit is such an amazing resource.

The things that lurk for us in the darkness can be exposed. The advice is clear be as shrewd as a snake.


Be sharp, be smart, be wise and be clever. Be a sharp player on defense. Don’t lie and wait to be devoured. We have been given the resources to pass the test and to endure to the end. We can do this! How am I so confident?! Because my hope and Faith is in His Word. His precious words that haven’t been found to be a lie even today. We can do ALL things through Christ. It’s time to put on our Holy warrior equipment and endure.


We must be wise and be as harmless as doves remembering that though these evil spirits are operating through man at times we must remember who the enemy is. Every Human on this Earth has an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and savior and the moment they do makes them our sibling. We must be harmless because this war isn’t against flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


Are you prepared to fight? Are you aware you are in a war? Are you acknowledging that Jesus is sending us as sheep amongst wolves? Don’t be shocked when an attack comes (because it will come), be ready! We have no need to worry or fear any enemy because the Lion (Jesus) not only walks with us but lives in us.




What are you listening to?

What’s ringing in your ears? What’s on repeat on Spotify? What tv show are you scheduled to watch this week? What sermon are you meditating on? What scripture is flowing through your mind?


My Pastor (Tim Ross) said that when He was speaking to someone they mentioned Fox News  this and Fox News that and immediately He had a thought oh Fox News is your Rabbi. I totally understood how that conclusion could be made just from listening to her speak continuously on what Fox News shared with her (subconsciencly it was shaping the way she thought). So personally I am not someone who watches the news often and this blog post wasn’t written to tell you what not to listen to; However it is written to encourage you to be intentional about hearing the Word of God, good and pure things every chance you can.

BCD257DD-2ED4-4A00-8FB6-A76EFCEC61EDThe Bible is firm to advise us that Faith comes by hearing…! Let’s stop here for a moment and discuss what faith is.


So faith (my complete trust) comes by hearing. P E R I O D. So what should I be tuning my ear to? What should I be listening to? In this very dark World where at any giving moment I could hear an impure sexual comment, injustice statement, war, crooked politician or fear driven announcement about food being released with some unhealthy bacteria at work/school/Church/TV/Radio.

SN: I read a title of a blog where it stated that “Too much bad news can make you sick.” I disagree with this statement. Here is why: What happens to the people that work in a ‘bad news industry’ like a shelter, counseling agency, or CPS? For 40 hours one in those industries can hear a lot of bad news. I believe it’s our faith  in Christ that helps when we hear bad news. When hearing bad news that’s just a fact but what is the Truth? What does the Word of God say regarding that situation? In the Bible it informs us that we will hear about ‘rumors of wars’ (Matt 24:6) almost like it’s saying ‘hey you are going to hear ‘bad news’ but stay focused don’t be distracted, meditate on pure things.

Full circle: We can put our faith in anything we hear, that’s why I’m thankful Paul left us with some guidance in Romans 10:17 ‘Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God’. When we hear things on a day to day basis if we are not careful and use discernement we can begin to meditate on things that eat away at our soul. Words we hear can easily become our truth if we are not making an intentional decision to take thoughts captive and make them obey Christ (2 Cor 10:5). But how would one know what thoughts to take captive? That’s easy! The ones that don’t add up with God’s Word, the truth in the Bible and the Words the Holy Spirit speaks to us (which aligns with the Bible).


#HeartCheck101 What are you listening to? What’s playing in your earlobes that the Devil will use to distract you and pull you away from our God. That’s  been the Devil’s aim when causing words to be spoken/sung/rapped contrary to His word. Remember this scripture ‘life and death is in the power of the tongue.. and they that love it shall eat the fruit of it.’ Proverbs 18:21 You wouldn’t intentionally eat something that’s poisoned right? So why speak poison or allow yourself to meditate on it? Fight that spoken poison that enters your ears with the Word of God and most importantly do your best to be careful what you tune your ears to hear and meditate on pure things to the best of your ability.


I hope this blesses everyone who reads is and encourages you all to continue (or become) Intentional about what you listen to.


The ultimate end to slavery! By Sherry Thorpe


Today is Juneteenth. Juneteenth is a holiday celebrated in the USA mainly by African Americans. Juneteenth is the celebration of freedom amongst last remaining enslaved persons in the United States on June 19, 1965.

To explain this in a short way: Slavery had ended a couple of years before the news had  reached the slaves in Texas and some other states in the south. The Texas slaves were still being enslaved by their masters although they were legally free. So troops were sent to address the issue and announced the slaves freedom on June 19, 1965! Happy Juneteenth❤️

“General Order No. 3”

The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor. The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.

That’s crazy to be free and not know that you were free. To be enslaved working for a master who is technically not your master. To endure hundreds of years of slavery and be free and not know it. You know what you do when you are legally free and you don’t know it? You remain enslaved because how would you know unless a messenger was sent to tell you? To tell you that look you guys YOU ARE NO LONGER SLAVES. You are free! The hope of freedom is no longer some far away desire it’s now reality and YOU ARE FREE. What does freedom look like? What does that even mean, I’ve been a slave most if not all of my life. I’ve hoped to be free but now that it is here what does it actually mean. Well for one it means that you get paid wages for your work. You are no longer bound to fully obey “the masters” command being that even your masters have been stripped of the title “slave master.” You are simply free.

I can not imagine the thoughts fully, the joy that was experienced by the newly freed slaves on that day. What beautiful experience to know that you are no longer enslaved but indeed you are free.

Because I am a Christian and this paints the picture of being enslaved by Satan in this World, I feel compelled to say unless YOU are in Christ you are in the condition of being a slave. You are enslaved just like I was enslaved by Satan until someone told me Jesus was sent to this Earth to free all of humanity. Jesus was sent to rescue us from the Devils hand and I am His messenger. I am an unashamed messenger of the gospel of Christ that has the power to FREE YOU in Christ. Oh Sherry I don’t know what you are talking about I’m not a slave lol look at my life I’m truly free.

Harriet Tubman has this famous quote that I believe relates to what Jesus could say today when His believer share the gospel and are turned Dow by the hearers (pic below)


She could’ve freed a thousand more…

Side note: Harriet carried a gun to threaten any one that wanted to give up and turn around being that it could’ve endangered the other ones if a person chose to return to slavery. WOW

We may all know that even though the newly freed slaves were freed they faced much difficulty for many years to come. We too as Christians will have trials and tribulations as Jesus advised but he also said to take heart for He has overcome the World” John 16:33 Why would Jesus need to overcome the World? If the World (as it is sometimes portrayed) is this beautiful wonderful place why did Jesus need to overcome it? Could it be that that this World enslaves those that are not in Christ and sometimes those that are in Christ are still enslaved and bound because of our lack of knowledge and power (I know this has been my experience) Why did Jesus say, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” Matt 16:26 Why would that be the exchange – The World for my soul? Why wouldn’t we be able to have both. I am not sure but I know personally I’ve experienced this World enslave me with worrying, pursuing worthless materials things, being bound to lustful and shameful things. In the past being suicidal I know for sure that bound by the cares of this World that the only way I thought I could escape was through death. In a way I was Right – death was the answer but not a physical killing my body by death but a death through Jesus Christ. A death to my former life that I lived without Christ and being resurrected receiving eternal life in Christ. It was this new life that freed me and it’s freeing me totally. This is true freedom. To be saved is to be free! We don’t have to be slaves to this World or Satan. The Bible says:

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36


If you have never made the decision to be free by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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