My Travel

Everything takes time. Well everything that grows naturally takes time. If you plant a seed today it’s not going to grow as fast as it did in the Chia Pet commercials lol.


I remember hearing a woman call my generation “The microwave generation.” DING dinners ready! That’s how I wanted everything to happen in my life- Like blah tadow watch out now, lol like Right now. LORD WHAT’S MY FUNCTION?

Well one day I woke up and said I can not be turned into a Robot. I felt like every new day I  had the same old story. My prayers were starting to reflect the same thing. Where was my personal purpose? What am I supposed to do?! When am I going to get married? I felt like I was in the story book “Little Red Robin Hood” and this porridge was too hot and this porridge was too cold and I just could not find where I fit in! Where do I function just right on THIS PLANET?!


Not looking for purpose, I planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico, North America and Belize City, Belize, Central America. My plan was to chill and be adventures. Well I was adventures alright. What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun right? 🤔 Wait?! That’s only for Las Vegas lol. Well I guess I have to tell you. I MET PEOPLE lol. I conversed with people, I watched them (umm we have all people watched 😂), I explored places with the people in Mexico. But that porridge was too hot lol. My cancun vacay came to an end and I traveled to Belize City by bus (This seems to be a cheaper way sometimes rather than flying).



I found a country to call home in Central America called Belize. You would think that I saw all that the city, the country had to offer before planning to start a life there right? Nope, I didn’t! That’s called walking by faith, right? (2 Cor 5:7 ) Well not quite but the reassurance of the Lord helped me see that “Its okay to call Belize home”❤️ Following Christ is walking by faith!

What did you see?

Nah I didn’t see the famous antient mayans, go cave tubing, or snorkel with sharks, No but I met a child who graduated highschool and roamed the streets and chilled with friends to pass the day by. College seemed to be some far away option to him, although he wants to go.

I didn’t swim with the dolphins but I enjoyed hearing children singing to Jesus in school! I enjoyed helping a child hold a pencil, tracing words, and counting to 5! I enjoyed walking down the streets of Belize with a group of children singing a song about being obedient (after I had to ask one of them to be obedient).


I conversed with extremely knowledgeable people on the streets of Belize. I was informed of new things that were built and other things that used to be there. I talked to children who were unafraid to tell me “how it is”. I heard things I hadn’t heard before, saw things I hadn’t saw before, did things I’ve never done before and I ❤️’d IT. I felt as if this country was something the Doctor would prescribe me. I saw myself being used by the Lord in a very unique way in Belize. Of course I shared about the Lord a few times in Belize (this always warms me in a special way) I felt as if the Lord personally led me to that beautifully natural country and said, “Welcome Home!”.

What were your plans? 

I was planning to chill but then I found a place to call home. A place where surface conversations made me feel uncomfortable. If a conversation was started I felt compelled to be transparent and be engaged to every word that was said. My eyes were open to a people who have great riches in what’s considered a Third World Country! “Look at what I own” was not a topic,  “look at who I am,” seemed to scream at me with every action and word that was said! I fell in love with the people of Belize and I’m prayerfully considering calling that place home in 2018! I’ll definitely keep you posted so stay tuned!

My advice: Be you (In Christ) because being someone else was never your calling👍🏾

Following Christ is my favorite adventure and I totally recommend it!

Enjoy the journey!

Thank you so much for reading my rant about my fave country, Belize❤️

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