You Betta Belize it!

IMG_1896Personally I believe there is nothing like the Caribbean. Between the weather, beaches, food, and locals accents, I just fall crazy in love with their culture.

I had an amazing time in Belize City. Just a couple of things – Belize is not an island and it is the only English primary speaking country in Central America which is different from its neighbors whose primary language is Spanish!

I had the opportunity to have my own personal tour guide and he took me to feed the Monkeys. It was about a 30 min drive outside of Belize City

That is Justin Snap (you can find him on Facebook). Justin was a great and knowledgeable tour guard. When Justin tours you around his city you will literally get the total local experience. Justin provides other tours such as cave tubing, Kucumba Beach  (this is a man made beach with a bar), city tours, airport pick ups/ drop offs and much more. Now back to feeding the monkeys. MONKEYS are really my favorite animal on this entire Earth, never in a million years did I think that I would experience a monkey eating out of my hand. OH MY!

Trampoline at Kucumba Beach

Pillow time: I stayed in a hostel called Safe Haven near the swing bridge. This was actually my first time staying in a Hostel. The Hostel owner name was Daniel has a 2 bedroom apartment. Daniel lived in one room and the other bedroom had 3 bunkbeds. Kitchen/Bathroom is shared. This is not a party hostel. The hostel was clean.  Click here to book your stay at Safe Haven.

Safety: I did not fear for my life in Belize. The people are very friendly as well as a lot of police are walking the area to ensure the safety of the tourist and residents. The city had a lot of homeless but they were harmless. I would like to share with you that the Belizean tour guides are on their hustle and will try everything to get you to get a tour, politely say no and keep it moving if you aren’t interested.

Food: The food options consist of rice, beans, jerk chicken, and fish. I did not have the opportunity to explore food options like I would have like to but I am definitely heading back there soon so I will update this at a later date.

Transportation: I received transportation from the airport to the hostel from Daniel (The owner of the Safe Haven hostel. He actually only charged me half of the price (23.00 USD) of what the taxi/tour guides charged 40.00 USD and that is not round trip. There is a bus system and you just wave it down and the driver will pull over on the side of the road. The cost is less then 3.00 BZE/1.50 USD one way.

Currency: 1 US dollar is worth 2 dollars in Belize. I checked my bank account on one of their ATMs and my money multiplied times 2 lol. Totally felt like I was balling.

I hope that my blog was helpful and provided you with a little insight on the City of Belize. Enjoy and Safe travels!

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  1. Great post. We are currently considering Belize as one of our next destinations. It looks so beautiful there. Did you go to any of the cayes?


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