Back to the basics- I want You Christ and real Faith!


Recently, well today, I had a friend ask me what did God show me on 6/23/17? I’ve been telling people- friends, family and believers, that the Lord has recently woke me up.

6/23/17 I was awakened! Before “my awakening” I didn’t even know I was sleep. I didn’t even know that Believers could be sleep. I mean I was loving the Lord, I was somewhat following the Lord, I was in the Church meetings! How could I be sleep?

I was unbothered when I heard about girls living in sex slavery, children in MY VERY OWN  CITY cutting themselves, people on drugs, and prostitutes selling their souls!

But God woke me up. And I love Him differently. I love His people differently. I love my enemies differently. People’s pain affect me. I find myself weeping more because it. I find myself praying more. I find myself DYING to selfishness. I find myself saying Lord use me. And really meaning it!

This is what the Lord has been showing me since 6/23/17. I pray it blesses you, encourages you and empowers you to find your identity in Christ and to walk in Christ enjoying Him as your life!

6/23 The AWAKENING Choose to be a living overcomer! Aka “To live victoriously Daily”

6/24 thru TODAY The Lord has showed me- I was allowing myself to be a defeated Christian  by choosing to love the World, indulging in the pleasures of my flesh, seeking my own will above God’s will.

QUICKLY after 6/23 He began to bring me back to the basics, coming o Him first, believing in Him, Trusting in Him. Allowing Him to take the lead basically letting Him be God and not becoming god myself!

SLOWLY after 6/23 He began to show me my purpose, pull this purpose out of me causing me to seek Him like I’ve never sought Him before. Causing me to love Him and others like I’ve never done before. Causing me to want to die to myself/ decrease so He can increase! Helping me find my identity in Him

SURELY giving me the confidence to walk in Him boldly and use my gifts to bring Him glory while inspiring a generation to do the same

THANKFUL– I’m so very thankful He would wake me up to be alive in the age and apart of the generation and God’s plan to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to build His Church aka His beautiful Bride!

TAKE AWAY – Jesus overcame the World! And now the overcoming One lives in US! We should be spontaneously overcoming enemy, our flesh, and any obstacle meant to destroy us. As we enjoy Jesus as life we spontaneously overcome. THIS HAS BEEN MY EXPERIENCE since 6/23/17❤️

Would you choose to be a living overcomer?

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media. Or you can pray right now. Lord Jesus I believe you love me with an everlasting love. I believe you came into the World to die for my sins and forgive my sins. Please come live in me and  dine with me. I choose you to be my Lord and Savior! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

The Bible says, “anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13. Please share with a believer if this is your first time to pray that prayer! And please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment!

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You worship differently! “let that boy worship” written and rapped by Adrion Butler


I can not remember where I was when I first saw “Let that boy Worship” performed by Adrion Butler in DFW, Texas but when I heard the words and saw his passion being expressed through the song, I was extremely encouraged. The song really ignited more freedom within me. So this is random but still on topic I love to dance for the Lord but I just do not know how to dance other than twerking; And personally I’m not going to twerk in the presence of the Lord. So I jump around moving my arms in a wild and free way and this is how I dance in His presence. However I have been told by a Pastor (she was telling a group of us) to not move our hips when we praise. I remember reading about how David danced his clothes off and I wondered what that Pastor would have told David. Praising God freely is something I believe we should do in His presence while worshipping Him in truth and in Spirit. Praising Him freely is a freedom I began to express after seeing others express themselves freely in God’s presence.

The song impressed me because I’ve heard so many believers talk badly about rappers who are Christians without trying to understand the heart of the one’s who are expressing themselves through the music titled “Christian Rap Music”.

When I first rededicated my life to Christ in 2009, a lady told me to get rid of the music I listened to and I did. I purchased music that expressed praise to Jesus by singing. And then I heard about the rapper Lacrae and the 116 clique and man was I happy. I grew up in the “r and b/rap” age/culture so to hear a rapper rap about God, I was hyped aka krunk aka lit. I was inspired and hopeful. I was impressed that the Lord would even use someone like Lacrae to rap for Him. Like how could rap be used to  glorify God? How was this even possible? It wasn’t the norm however I am familiar with the scripture “Behold I make all things new” (Rev 21:5) and personally I never want traditional concepts to make me box in the God of this universe. The trees praise Him (1 Chronicles 16:33). All of His creation can praise Him. Why should we limit worshipping and praising God in the ways that “we are used to”? The trees don’t praise the way I do but it’s still praise to our Heavely Father! All of creation has been called to praise God and I’m sure your praise looks different than mine but praise is praise!


I had composed some questions and Adrion was open to answering them. Please find my questions and his answers below. I hope Adrion’s answers encourages you and helps you understand “Christian rap”. I have been encouraged through His responses as well as to appreciate how others and all of creations praises God!

1. Were you a rapper before you met Christ? No

2. When did you get saved? I grew up in church so I’ve been saved longer than I can remember lol. I can remember as a child going to the altar for salvation at least 4 times lol.

3. When did you begin to follow the Lord? I rededicated my life in 2008 while I was in college.

3. When did you encounter someone trying to hinder the way that you praise? I grew up in church and it seemed to be a reoccurring theme- “The generation before us doesn’t like how we praise.”

4. When and why did you decide to rap for God’s Kingdom? It was all I was good at. I felt left out of church and worship because I couldn’t play an instrument or sing, but God gave me freedom through examples like David, and King Solomon, who used their words in a poetic/ rhythmic way to express their worship.

5. What made you write the song “Let that boy worship”? Please see questions 1,2,3, Lol jk But seriously, I saw a generation without identity in Christ and a portion of it was due to the lack of support and acceptance. Most young people I encounter have already began to develop unique gifts and abilities that set them apart from the crowd. But unfortunately those gifts don’t traditionally fit into a worship service so they aren’t considered “worship.” This song gives the listener freedom to use their life as worship. So no matter what the gift is as long as its used to glorify God….it’s worship. Worship must be in Spirit and in Truth, and that is not limited to worshipping God with the organ and Background Vocals.

6. If you could tell a new believer in the Lord anything what would it be? “Trust the Process” At times it may seem like following Jesus is pointless and not what you expected…. “Trust the Process.”

7. What keeps you seeking Christ’s face in these evil distracting days? You answered it. “these evil distracting days”

8. What is your purpose with the music you send out? My music’s purpose is to glorify God and encourage others to find a way to do the same.
9. What would you like to say to our generation? Find Purpose…..

10. What would you like to say to the sinner who feels like he/ she can’t come to God? I would say, “ok, great, you’re human too.” Truth is there are many times I’ve felt this way. I was born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Adam and Eve walked and conversed with God on a closer level than most humans could even imagine and when they were caught in sin they hid. David was caught in sin and tried to cover it up. Jonah was disobedient. Judas knew he was going to sell the messiah of for some silver. I guess what im getting at is even the holiest of holy saints feel this way lol. At the end of the day, God already knows you’ve fallen….he wants to help you get back up. Learn from the examples in the bible of people who hid their sin and then read Luke 8:17. Then read Luke 1:50 and it will explain that he has mercy that is endless and flows in wave after wave. He can’t fix it if you won’t give it to him. The oil light in your car won’t go off until you take it into the mechanic. ijs

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Such a beautiful way to express the Lord! I’m so very thankful Adrion was available and open to share his heart with us regarding His praise towards our Heavenly Father! I hope you have been encouraged.

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media. Or you can pray right now. “Lord Jesus I believe you love me with an everlasting love. I believe you came into the World to die for my sins and forgive my sins. Please come live in me and  dine with me. I choose you to be my Lord and Savior! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

The Bible says, “anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13. Please share with a believer if this is your first time to pray that prayer! And please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment!

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Morning Devo- Best part of waking up is Jesus in my cup. By Sherry Thorpe


Is Jesus in your cup? No! Not your physical cup of coffee. But your cup cup-You?

The Bible suggest that we are containers aka vessels that God can pour Himself in. “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit..” Ephesians 5:18. In order to fill us with the Spirit we must be a vessel. In order to be filled we must be an open vessel. In order to be filled we must go to the coffee house aka which is God himself.

The Lord Himself waits for you to come to Him. Early in the AM He is waiting (all day He is waiting) for us to come to Him. Even Jesus met God early in the AM. “In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.” Mark 1:35. #WWJD This is What Jesus Would Do.

Too many times We limit ourselves to what Jesus would do by caring for the poor, serving in Church, and being a generous giver but I want to encourage you to be a begging receiver. I heard a pastor refer to being a Christian is telling “one begger where to get the bread.” Being that Jesus himself called himself the Living Bread! John 6:35. WOW! Living Bread? I guess up until eating Jesus, my bread has been dead aka lifeless bread lol. We have the opportunity to drink living water and eat living bread. No more morning blues when YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DRINK LIVING WATER. So be filled to the uttermost. “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38. Drink up my dear Friend!

Be ye thirsty! Don’t be selfish or shy fill up at God’s coffee house and go out into all the World and let the living waters flow. Let these living waters flow out through YOUR blog, through the ministry that God has given you, may it be your job, home, local grocery store/gas station, children’s school, gym. Oh did you think you only needed to be filled for yourself? No we are filled because we need to be filled AND the living water flows from within us and out into others. Have you ever felt that feeling of being drained? Yes?! You wanna know why you feel drained it’s because this dying World is sucking all of God’s goodness out of you. But don’t worry, remember I told you to be a begging receiver lol it’s BECAUSE we always need to be filled. Guess what? God’s coffee house NEVER closes! You can be replenished aka you can be filled again right where you are. God is YOUR very own personal coffee house. He is forever with you and if you feel like you are running low on living Water remember that He lives in you and you can just turn to the Lord and ask Him Lord please fill me? Fill your cup Lord. The Lord is faithful to fill you. Just simply say, “Lord Jesus” and you can be filled.

So this morning as you are getting dressed, while you are in the shower, while you are eating breakfast, while you are drinking your cup of coffee DRINK your TRUE coffee aka Jesus Christ! Let the Lord be your very supply for the day, everyday. At Lunch time enjoy Jesus as your living bread and at dinner eat Jesus again. Jesus should be our very portion ALL DAY long since he is our very source.

How do I drink Sherry? I’m glad you asked. You can sing to him a song, read the Bible, say Lord Jesus etc… By touching Jesus in these ways and whatever else way you choose to touch Jesus- THESE are examples of drinking Jesus, this is eating Him as the Living bread, this is the way to get filled, this is being supplied by God! Drink up my friends and remain a thirsty beggar! #Unashamed😌 Jesus will truly be the best part of waking up! #JesusInMyCup

Is Jesus in your cup this AM?

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask a local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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Are you in position? By Sherry Thorpe


Have you heard the saying, “Dress for the position you want”? This saying refers to if you are going after a job, don’t dress for the position you believe you are qualified for or that entry level position; Dress for that position that you desire to have. I want to add be prepared for the position check out my view on the preparation aka process for the position we want.

For the longest time I felt left out of having a “dream”. I would dibble and dabble in this and that as a Christian and while still being in the Church life but I felt like the Lord Himself was not leading me in what I was intending to do for Him. I literally had the experience similar to the guys that was casting out demons in Jesus name but the Lord said, “départ from me I never knew you.” Matt 7:21-23. I felt like I was doing God’s work but He wasn’t leading me. Before we get super defensive and deep about “my feeling” I believe that we can jump too soon into where/what the Lord is calling us to do/be and complete the mission in ourselves rather than completing it in Him and that was my experience. The good thing is anything that benefits the Kingdom of God still builds the Kingdom no matter who does it. A non believer could talk about the Bible and a believer like myself could still be touched (I’ve had this experience). Anywho I wanted the Lord’s leading and support in whatever I do. The experience is just different and better in Him.

Hmmm who in the Bible could relate to doing things and not being led by God at first. MOSES!

Moses was raised with the best teaching. He wasn’t birth into the position to receive the best teaching and up bringing however he was divinely placed in the position to be raised by  Pharoh’s daughter. You can call Moses “education and upbringing” that he received in Pharoah’s kingdom “the best that money could buy.” However the Lord did not use the unprocessed, non transformed Moses to lead the Hebrews out of slavery did he? In fact Moses tried to jump to his calling by defending a Hebrew man by killing the oppressor. Hmmm but certainly this was not the Lord’s leading. So Moses ran. He ran away to hide but was placed into a position to be processed by God and transformed.

What I’ve noticed is that the Lord has stragically placed us in the families we are born in. The color of our skin and our gender, our gifts/talents, careers all purposely given by God. We ALL were “born for such a time as this” Esters 4:4. Moses was placed in the hands of Pharoah’s daughter to be taught by the best to stand against the best. With God’s leading the prossesed Moses was able to lead God’s people out of slavery and into the Promise Land.

What I’ve noticed is we all have gifts. We could be a Beyoncé or a Kim Walker. Both have gifts but one has been processed and humbled by God himself and the other well #nocomment! The process is beautiful! And the great thing is the Lord doesn’t take our gifts and store them away, NOOOOO he processes us, renews our mind, transforms us on the inside which is reflected on the outside. The gifts are returned to be used In Christ. This process can and will continue to happen only in Him. Please don’t think once you are operating in your calling that time with the Lord stops. Nooooo if you needed him before the process and during the process, you will certainly need Him after the process. In fact WE ARE STILL in the process as believers. Moses didn’t get to enter the Promise Land because the Lord had to still deal with him. Although Moses had been processed the transformation process was not complete. Perfection is the standard (Matt 5:48) so since we have not reached perfection common sense should tell us we better stay in the process. We should continue to put in intentional time with God so we can be ready when Jesus returns. We don’t want to be like the 5 foolish bridesmaids who weren’t prepared. We want complete access to the wedding and the feast, Don’t you? We want to hear, “Look the bride has made herself ready.” Rev 19:7.

The good thing about being in the process is it is quite simple, we should be seeking God and His Kingdom (Matt 6:33) and God himself will complete the good work he started in us. Phil 1:6. Hallelujah Jesus will complete the WORK!!! Yes I should be touching Christ and eating Him as my daily bread by reading His word, singing to Him, praying etc.. but this is so enjoyable. Even when the Lord shines His light on my icky, evil areas in myself, it’s good for me because it is perfecting me. It may hurt my feelings but it’s for my good. Constructive criticism is good isn’t it? How much more is it good for the Lord to shine His light on us so that we may be exposed of our icky parts so that we may depart from these things. THIS IS TRANSFORMATION. THIS IS THE PROCESS. And we should love it! We should enjoy it. Just enjoy God and the process. Enjoy that position He has placed you in. Enjoy that sucky job especially if the Lord has placed you there. Enjoy the place God has divinely placed you because He is totally preparing you for the position He is going to place you in. The best way to enjoy sucky situations is to BE IN CHRIST. It’s like being in paradise in a hellish situation. Being In Christ causes chaotic places to be calm, hellish places to be heaven, death to be life.

Position yourself in Christ while doing your work and spontaneously He will give you the desires of your heart. Spontaneously you will get that position, spontaneously you will end up exactly in the position the Lord promised you!

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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Viva la Mexico en Cancun


Well Cancun was a breathe of fresh air.

Between having multiple clear water beaches to choose from and great tacos what more could a woman like me ask for?

Flights: I flew United (no I was not removed from the plane) however I did volunteer my seat so I could get a free flight voucher in an amount up to $200 for a future date. The plane was not that full so I was able to get on the flight. I paid $124 one way to Cancun and $25 for a checked bag (flying with a carry on $0.00 will work just fine, I had a huge suitcase because I was traveling to Belize from Cancun by bus)

Cancun International Airport: Uber is not allowed to come into the Airport’s property however Uber did not let us know this. The airport representative let us know. You can use one of the taxis or rent a car from the airport or of course use a shuttle if you are staying in one of those beautiful Cancun resorts.

Transportation: Taxis are pretty easy to use just brush up on your espanol because not every taxi driver knows English or even a little English. The bus transportation system runs 24 hours a day

Pillow Time: This was my first time using Air BNB and I wasn’t disappointed. I paid $14/night  for a one bedroom studio apartment. It was small but just the right size for me. I met some girls who used AIR BNB and stayed in a lovely condo for $56/night and it had an juccuzzi on the roof. Both places were extremely clean. If you choose to use Air BNB for a future travel date feel free to click here to create an account and receive $40 off any stay $75.00 or more (this must be the first time you create the account with Air BNB by using my link in order to get the discount).

$56/ per room- Some travel mates stayed at this condo

Here is the picture of the Studio where I stayed:

This studio was like a small hotel room. $14/night for the entire apartment. Cable, wifi, clean up included in cost

Food: I ate a lot of tacos, beans and rice lol. Go figure! Food is super cheap in Cancun. Try some of the more authentic Mom and Pop places for really good Mexican food.

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Currency: The currency exchange rate can change based off of where you exchange your money. For example I saw the exchange rate at a bank for 18 pesos to 1 USD and then somewhere else it was 17 pesos to 1 USD. So just be aware, also you can download this app XE Currency so you can keep up with different currency exchange rates. This app actually helped me because some of the Mexicans we encountered tried to rip us off when we paid with US dollars, the change that was provided in pesos was off by a lot. I strongly encourage you to pay in pesos or download the app if paying in USD to ensure you get the correct change.


Tours: I did 2 snorkeling tours, visited Tulum and Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen. I purchased a waterproof case for my iPhone and I could take pictures and videos underwater.

Isla Mujeres (Island of women) is a beautiful Island. The water was nice and chilly for the hot summer days. We did a snorkeling tour from this island for $25 USD and it included lunch. The tour guides sell tours on the island so just negotiate the price if you feel it’s too high. There is plenty for you to do to stay occupied on this island. I took a short ferry boat ride from Cancun to the island for $19 usd or $300 pesos.

Ventura Park: This is a water park that has a couple of water slides, zip lining, roller coaster ride, food included, and dolphin adventures (for an extra cost). I paid 24/pp for this park and it was worth it. I paid $11 for a tube and $10 for a locker for my personal items.  Ventura Park web page

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Here are a few sites that helped me plan my to do wish list:

Ferries transportation schedule and prices
click here

Bus schedule click here

dolphin swim and ride click here

Ventura Park in Cancun click here

Cancun tours click here

Beaches and this blog has more travel activies, top golf places, top tours and much more click here

Well that’s it for my Cancun adventure. I hope my post was helpful and I would like to thank you for taking out the time to read my blog.

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The Island of Aloha aka Hawaii

Wakiki Beach

Honolulu is truly a beautiful paradise! I will definitely try to go there at least once a year!

The plane ride from Dallas was 8 hours, this was my first flight over 6 hours. Hawaii has it all from beaches to hiking, volcanoes, great food, and a Walmart lol.

A few interesting facts about Hawaii:

  1. Hawaii has many islands (over 100) and 8 main islands-  Niʻihau, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Maui, and the Island of Hawaiʻi aka Big Island
  2. Honolulu is the capitol of HI and its located on O’ahu island. IMG_1897
  3. Hawaii is the only US state that is not located in the Americas and is located in Oceania.
  4. ALOHA means hello and if you extend the oooo it means I love you for example Alooooooooooha❤️
  5. Moana is from there lol

Flight- Depending on where you are flying from it may be a long flight so be sure to stay hydrated being the the air is thinner in the skies! The flight attendants came around twice with drinks and each time I would ask for a cup of ice water and a separate cup of ice. I would suck on the ice to keep me hydrated.


Jetlag– Jetlag is a sleep disorder one might get due to traveling from one time zone to the next. Umm however I never adjusted to Hawaii’s time zone which was 5 hours before Dallas, TX, USA😂. I would be up at 5 O’clock in the morning planning my day and in bed by 8pm lol.

Transportation– Honolulu has a very cconsistent bus system so I did not rent a car. If you ride the bus ask for a transfer ticket, the ticket allows an extra trip on the bus as long as it is with the time frame on the ticket ( I believe it’s 2 or maybe 4 hours)

Pillowtime: I stayed in a hostel in Wakiki (the tourist part of the city) for about $35/night. The Hostel was called Wakiki Beach hostel click here. It literally took me 2 minutes to walk to the beach! I stayed in a mixed dorm with men and woman (no children were allowed in my dorm). The dorm had a shared refrigerator, stove, microwave and 3 separate locker to store your things. This hostel served breakfast (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) lol yummy! And yes I ate it. There were a few commotions in our dorm with one of our dorm mates he was high on drugs. Also the hostel next to us a couple got into a heated argument. This experience was definitely different then my first hostel experience which was really peaceful. Despite the negativity I would still stay there again. Also room service came by and cleaned the bathroom.

Tours- I was visiting Hawaii for a Church conference so the tour was already planned  with a believer who happened to be a tour guide. The tour I chose was the island tour. It consist of hopping in and out of the van while driving around the entire island (which can literally be done in one day). The full day tour cost $95 includes hotel/hostel pick up, lunch/snacks were provided, visit to a macadamia nut farm, Doles’s pineapple plantation, 2 beaches and a tour around O’ahu island!

Here are some photos from the tour:

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The first day I toured with the Church group and the second day I toured the city by myself. I visted Pearl Harbor traveling there by bus and went to Wakiki Beach (2 min from the hostel).

Pearl Harbor Historic sites- The museum did not have a main entrance fee. There is an entrance fee if you would like to go on one of the ships (Maybe it was ship/boat? Not sure). However you can save your money and do a free tour and take a short boat ride to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Wakiki Beach is a tourist beach and it was extremely packed with people. The North Shore beach is better if you want to avoid the crowds.

Food: The funny thing about me going to the Dole’s plantation is that I did not eat/taste one pineapple, I know shameful lol. I did however travel to a shrimp plantation and the shrimp was so good, fresh, and tasty. The farm is called Fumis shrimp farm.

Thank you so much for taking the time read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

You Betta Belize it!

IMG_1896Personally I believe there is nothing like the Caribbean. Between the weather, beaches, food, and locals accents, I just fall crazy in love with their culture.

I had an amazing time in Belize City. Just a couple of things – Belize is not an island and it is the only English primary speaking country in Central America which is different from its neighbors whose primary language is Spanish!

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The Price Is Right

PIR with Nemo                     Like REALLY REALLY?

Did I really have the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California and attend The Price Is Right TV show Recording? Uh, Yes I did.

Did my friend win some things on The Price is Right? Uh, Yes she did.

Seriously though it is still so surreal that my friend and I visited LA and was on the show called “The Price is Right“.

So here’s the story: Last minute my friend called me on a Sunday night (like literally the night before) and asked me if I wanted to go to LA with her because she has tickets to The Price is Right. Well I just happened to have Monday off so I was like, “Sure let’s go”.  We traveled to LA non rev style.

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I can’t afford to travel

I cant

I can’t afford to travel, it cost too much, I don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars saved for traveling, and we have a family of 5 its impossible.

Are you this person, are these your thoughts?

I am here to show you that you can travel on a small budget. In this blog and many of my blogs I will share my tips to finding the best deals and rates on hotels, flights, food, tours and much more.

First it takes patience to find good deals because you have to shop around for good prices. I love deals! Let me show you how I save money when I travel.

1. FIND A FLIGHT– Use sites like Cheap flights, Expedia, Kayak, and google flights click here  (this site will give you the lowest cost on the date you prefer and compare multiple airlines while supplying a direct link to the airline’s website you choose)

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