Are you in position? By Sherry Thorpe


Have you heard the saying, “Dress for the position you want”? This saying refers to if you are going after a job, don’t dress for the position you believe you are qualified for or that entry level position; Dress for that position that you desire to have. I want to add be prepared for the position check out my view on the preparation aka process for the position we want.

For the longest time I felt left out of having a “dream”. I would dibble and dabble in this and that as a Christian and while still being in the Church life but I felt like the Lord Himself was not leading me in what I was intending to do for Him. I literally had the experience similar to the guys that was casting out demons in Jesus name but the Lord said, “départ from me I never knew you.” Matt 7:21-23. I felt like I was doing God’s work but He wasn’t leading me. Before we get super defensive and deep about “my feeling” I believe that we can jump too soon into where/what the Lord is calling us to do/be and complete the mission in ourselves rather than completing it in Him and that was my experience. The good thing is anything that benefits the Kingdom of God still builds the Kingdom no matter who does it. A non believer could talk about the Bible and a believer like myself could still be touched (I’ve had this experience). Anywho I wanted the Lord’s leading and support in whatever I do. The experience is just different and better in Him.

Hmmm who in the Bible could relate to doing things and not being led by God at first. MOSES!

Moses was raised with the best teaching. He wasn’t birth into the position to receive the best teaching and up bringing however he was divinely placed in the position to be raised by  Pharoh’s daughter. You can call Moses “education and upbringing” that he received in Pharoah’s kingdom “the best that money could buy.” However the Lord did not use the unprocessed, non transformed Moses to lead the Hebrews out of slavery did he? In fact Moses tried to jump to his calling by defending a Hebrew man by killing the oppressor. Hmmm but certainly this was not the Lord’s leading. So Moses ran. He ran away to hide but was placed into a position to be processed by God and transformed.

What I’ve noticed is that the Lord has stragically placed us in the families we are born in. The color of our skin and our gender, our gifts/talents, careers all purposely given by God. We ALL were “born for such a time as this” Esters 4:4. Moses was placed in the hands of Pharoah’s daughter to be taught by the best to stand against the best. With God’s leading the prossesed Moses was able to lead God’s people out of slavery and into the Promise Land.

What I’ve noticed is we all have gifts. We could be a Beyoncé or a Kim Walker. Both have gifts but one has been processed and humbled by God himself and the other well #nocomment! The process is beautiful! And the great thing is the Lord doesn’t take our gifts and store them away, NOOOOO he processes us, renews our mind, transforms us on the inside which is reflected on the outside. The gifts are returned to be used In Christ. This process can and will continue to happen only in Him. Please don’t think once you are operating in your calling that time with the Lord stops. Nooooo if you needed him before the process and during the process, you will certainly need Him after the process. In fact WE ARE STILL in the process as believers. Moses didn’t get to enter the Promise Land because the Lord had to still deal with him. Although Moses had been processed the transformation process was not complete. Perfection is the standard (Matt 5:48) so since we have not reached perfection common sense should tell us we better stay in the process. We should continue to put in intentional time with God so we can be ready when Jesus returns. We don’t want to be like the 5 foolish bridesmaids who weren’t prepared. We want complete access to the wedding and the feast, Don’t you? We want to hear, “Look the bride has made herself ready.” Rev 19:7.

The good thing about being in the process is it is quite simple, we should be seeking God and His Kingdom (Matt 6:33) and God himself will complete the good work he started in us. Phil 1:6. Hallelujah Jesus will complete the WORK!!! Yes I should be touching Christ and eating Him as my daily bread by reading His word, singing to Him, praying etc.. but this is so enjoyable. Even when the Lord shines His light on my icky, evil areas in myself, it’s good for me because it is perfecting me. It may hurt my feelings but it’s for my good. Constructive criticism is good isn’t it? How much more is it good for the Lord to shine His light on us so that we may be exposed of our icky parts so that we may depart from these things. THIS IS TRANSFORMATION. THIS IS THE PROCESS. And we should love it! We should enjoy it. Just enjoy God and the process. Enjoy that position He has placed you in. Enjoy that sucky job especially if the Lord has placed you there. Enjoy the place God has divinely placed you because He is totally preparing you for the position He is going to place you in. The best way to enjoy sucky situations is to BE IN CHRIST. It’s like being in paradise in a hellish situation. Being In Christ causes chaotic places to be calm, hellish places to be heaven, death to be life.

Position yourself in Christ while doing your work and spontaneously He will give you the desires of your heart. Spontaneously you will get that position, spontaneously you will end up exactly in the position the Lord promised you!

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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