The Depressed Christian By Sherry Thorpe


What happens when you feel like joy has completely ran out? What happens when it’s hard to crack a smile? A smile is on my face but joy definitely isn’t in my heart in fact I’m actually hurting tremendously.

First let me say that I do NOT fake it with God, ever. He isn’t some Work corporation that says check your feelings at the door before coming into work. God knows the depths of our heart and the best part about this is, He is also the healer of our hearts. So whatever I am feeling I bring it to God FIRST, he created me so I’m sure He knows what needs to be fixed so I include him. And sometimes we just need to check our feelings because they might be from the Devil like worrying for example. The Bible strictly tells us not to worry Matt 6:25-35.


Okay let’s address a few things

Are you living in sin, making a lifestyle of sinning? Be honest before God because your Pastor or even your bestie may not know what you do or what’s going on behind close doors but God knows. I remember struggling with a particular sin and I found myself trying to rid myself of it but I felt trapped in it. Not only did I feel trapped but I also felt comfort, so in some actuallity I really didn’t want to rid myself of it. I was honest before the Lord and I told him, “Lord I like this sin, but I know it’s bad for me, I know you are not blessing this so please help. Please help me turn from this sin.” And the Lord was faithful to deliver me from that sin of course I had to cooperate with Him by not putting myself in that situation to commit that sin. Sin can absolutely take us straight to a depression state of mind hence one of the reason God tells to not sin and to confess our sins. Despite what the World and Devil tries to tell us SIN slowly and sometimes quickly destroys our inner and outer being. Confession should be part of our lifestyle because we aren’t perfect. Let me clarify that choosing to LIVE in sin and oops I sinned are 2 different things.

Living in sin– I know I am sinning and I am okay with this and I am not trying to turn from my sin. I’ve convinced myself that this sin is ok because guess what everybody sins. (These are dangerous EVIL thoughts) Salvation includes being saved from Sin. So if Jesus is our savior He most definitely did not die for and as our sin, for us to continue indulging in sins after He saved us.

Naturally Sinning- Just going about your day by walking in the Light and you sin realizing your mistake and you are aware of it and you don’t make a habit of it. Instead you can/will confess your sins. We are sinners by nature so yes the Lord is renewing us but we have not been COMPLETELY PERFECTED yet so failures aka slip ups aka sins will come but we must NOT become a FAILURE  and a good practice is to not put yourself in a situation to sin. If your sin is doughnuts then don’t go to doughnut shops. Remember if you fail, confession is good for the soul❤️

The Lord’s light is there to shine on our darken areas and guide us. You may have confessed that Jesus is Lord and have been baptized and this is awesome, now you have received eternal life and eternal salvation that saves you from everything that’s not God. The reason light is needed is to keep us on the right path but to also show us areas that need cleaning or a doing a way with. Pride is one of the sins we really don’t talk too much about but it can destroy us causing unnecessary heartache. “I’m feeling myself” is not cool in the eyes of the Lord. What happened to the realization of WHO AM I God that you are mindful of me? We must remain humble before God and others. If the Lord shines light in a certain area remember confession is good for the soul. Confess, turn away from it and carry on with your life In Christ.

I found myself in a state of depression! Nothing was going according to my plans (submit your plans to the Lord – a blog for another day). It didn’t seem like the Lord was for me. Despite what I did I would take 2 steps forward and I would be knocked down and dragged 10 steps backwards. I felt like I would have a taste of success and despite what I did it wouldn’t fully succeed. So my soul became sadden and I faked a smile. I put on that Church “I’m blessed” attitude even though I didn’t feel blessed. Since I didn’t feel blessed my time with the Lord decreased. And actually I had a job that limited my time with Church gatherings (praying about job schedules and careers is so important but that’s a blog for another day). I found myself in need of fresh air. I found myself in need of a revival. I knew I needed a huge revival in my life. Don’t worry about quiting the job, leaving the relationship, or dropping the addiction, simply ask the Lord to shine the light on those situations and to help guide you. It’s ok to repeat this prayer before the Lord until those situations are dealt with. He dealt with those things in my life as I would pray and spend time with Him and the depression left. I had to come back to the Lord. Quite frankly I didn’t know I left and maybe I didn’t leave Him completely but I definitely limited my time with Him. But the Lord led me back to Him and slowly but surely my depression left.

Another thing that I felt like caused my depression was a comparison of my life according to America’s standard. This is DANGEROUS. America demands and expects a lot from us. But what does Jesus our King of kings demands? It’s quite simple “seek first the the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and THEN all these things will be added to you” Matt 6:33. Simply pray Lord show me how I can seek you in my daily life. Praying, singing to Jesus, talking to Jesus, simply saying Lord Jesus has brought me so much peace and joy instantly.

Conforming to this World (in my observations) causes depression. You may not be trying to keep up with the Kardashians but are you trying to keep up with the Americans? YOU my friend are not of this World, you are just in it. This is our temporary home❤️ Why store up treasures here when thieves can break in to steal it? Matt 6:19. The Bible in Romans 12:2 commands us “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect ” We must be renewed in our mind. The old mind aka old self is okay with the World’s low standards, okay with sinning, okay with pleasing people, okay with putting things before God, okay with having idols (FYI anything you put before God is an idol OUCH right?), okay with putting jobs/careers/people/school/knowledge of the Bible before God. Side noteDid you know that the Bible was not made for doctrine it was made so we could know God’s word and eat His words as our daily bread? 

The Word aka Jesus is our daily bread. The Lord said we should pray this way:



What’s being said in this prayer and how can we apply it in our daily life:

1. Thy will be done– His way, His will, He leads We follow! It’s His way or the highway honey!

2. Daily bread- Jesus is our bread, our daily nourishment, our supply to go on for the day, He is our life so don’t be surprised if you feel lifeless when you haven’t touched the life giver! Jesus is edible and you can eat Him in multiple ways by reading the Bible, saying Lord Jesus, writing/talking about/to Him, simply loving Him in whatever you do! THIS is taking Him in daily as our bread😌

3. Forgive us as we forgive- grudges are dangerous so just forgive and if you need help with forgiving others ask the Lord for help he is faithful to help you. Forgive yourself, yo we are jacked up and sometimes WE mess up, forgive yourself ITS OK! Ask others for forgiveness. Since we are not perfect, I’m sure along the way we might offend or hurt someone. So just seek forgiveness from them. Ask God for forgiveness, the Lord is just to forgive us 1 John 1:9. The Bible says, “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” Psalm 103:13 and He will forget our wickedness THIS IS PRETTY COOL “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” Hebrew 8:12

4. Lead us.. deliver us.. – Lead us not into temptation. Asking the Lord to lead you into a place that is not tempting um that’s great leadership Jesus❤️ But deliver us from EVIL. Just deliver us from any and all evil. Uh yeah I’ll take that! Deliver me from my unnatural love for “doughnuts”

The Lord Himself taught us that prayer so wouldn’t He be faithful to fulfill it as our God? This is part of believing into Him. Believing that He is capable to do the very things that He did in the Bible. And if He doesn’t do the things in the Bible we should be completely satisfied and okay with His decisions! (Depending on the situation sometimes mentioning it a couple of times is ok- Let the Lord lead you in this)

Lord bless me with me with a new car? Didn’t get it? Be ok with this saying Amen Lord.

Lord bless me with a spouse? Didn’t get it? Be ok with this saying Amen Lord.

It’s ok to be hopeful but I have made the decision to practice being satisfied with Jesus alone. This helps me to not be .. well depressed! The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want… Because when I’m in want and do not get it I’m either sad or mad.

Rest– I mean c’mon even God himself rested on the 7th day after creating the World. So if God rested I’m sure He intends on us taking a rest. Just chill. Sit down and rest. Be calm and rest.

Disclaimer: If you take MEDS for depression or an illness this post is not to say don’t take your MEDS. I am not a Doctor however I would strongly encourage you to ask the Lord and the Elderly believers about anything you inject into your body! 

Take away: Simply taking the Lord as your daily bread and Life is the CURE for everything. ❤️🙌🏾😍

Have you accepted the cure as your Savior?

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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  1. “Did you know that the Bible was not made for doctrine it was made so we could know God’s word and eat His words as our daily bread?”

    This is soooooo good! There’s a reason ministry students use books on Systematic Theology when studying theology instead of just the Bible, and that’s because the Bible’s sole purpose is not to shape your theology/ideology! The Bible’s main purpose is for God to communicate to us, using His word. It can be used to learn about theology, life and wisdom, even ancient culture, but it should primarily be used to commune with God and let Him speak to your heart through it!
    Great post, Sherry!


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