You worship differently! “let that boy worship” written and rapped by Adrion Butler


I can not remember where I was when I first saw “Let that boy Worship” performed by Adrion Butler in DFW, Texas but when I heard the words and saw his passion being expressed through the song, I was extremely encouraged. The song really ignited more freedom within me. So this is random but still on topic I love to dance for the Lord but I just do not know how to dance other than twerking; And personally I’m not going to twerk in the presence of the Lord. So I jump around moving my arms in a wild and free way and this is how I dance in His presence. However I have been told by a Pastor (she was telling a group of us) to not move our hips when we praise. I remember reading about how David danced his clothes off and I wondered what that Pastor would have told David. Praising God freely is something I believe we should do in His presence while worshipping Him in truth and in Spirit. Praising Him freely is a freedom I began to express after seeing others express themselves freely in God’s presence.

The song impressed me because I’ve heard so many believers talk badly about rappers who are Christians without trying to understand the heart of the one’s who are expressing themselves through the music titled “Christian Rap Music”.

When I first rededicated my life to Christ in 2009, a lady told me to get rid of the music I listened to and I did. I purchased music that expressed praise to Jesus by singing. And then I heard about the rapper Lacrae and the 116 clique and man was I happy. I grew up in the “r and b/rap” age/culture so to hear a rapper rap about God, I was hyped aka krunk aka lit. I was inspired and hopeful. I was impressed that the Lord would even use someone like Lacrae to rap for Him. Like how could rap be used to  glorify God? How was this even possible? It wasn’t the norm however I am familiar with the scripture “Behold I make all things new” (Rev 21:5) and personally I never want traditional concepts to make me box in the God of this universe. The trees praise Him (1 Chronicles 16:33). All of His creation can praise Him. Why should we limit worshipping and praising God in the ways that “we are used to”? The trees don’t praise the way I do but it’s still praise to our Heavely Father! All of creation has been called to praise God and I’m sure your praise looks different than mine but praise is praise!


I had composed some questions and Adrion was open to answering them. Please find my questions and his answers below. I hope Adrion’s answers encourages you and helps you understand “Christian rap”. I have been encouraged through His responses as well as to appreciate how others and all of creations praises God!

1. Were you a rapper before you met Christ? No

2. When did you get saved? I grew up in church so I’ve been saved longer than I can remember lol. I can remember as a child going to the altar for salvation at least 4 times lol.

3. When did you begin to follow the Lord? I rededicated my life in 2008 while I was in college.

3. When did you encounter someone trying to hinder the way that you praise? I grew up in church and it seemed to be a reoccurring theme- “The generation before us doesn’t like how we praise.”

4. When and why did you decide to rap for God’s Kingdom? It was all I was good at. I felt left out of church and worship because I couldn’t play an instrument or sing, but God gave me freedom through examples like David, and King Solomon, who used their words in a poetic/ rhythmic way to express their worship.

5. What made you write the song “Let that boy worship”? Please see questions 1,2,3, Lol jk But seriously, I saw a generation without identity in Christ and a portion of it was due to the lack of support and acceptance. Most young people I encounter have already began to develop unique gifts and abilities that set them apart from the crowd. But unfortunately those gifts don’t traditionally fit into a worship service so they aren’t considered “worship.” This song gives the listener freedom to use their life as worship. So no matter what the gift is as long as its used to glorify God….it’s worship. Worship must be in Spirit and in Truth, and that is not limited to worshipping God with the organ and Background Vocals.

6. If you could tell a new believer in the Lord anything what would it be? “Trust the Process” At times it may seem like following Jesus is pointless and not what you expected…. “Trust the Process.”

7. What keeps you seeking Christ’s face in these evil distracting days? You answered it. “these evil distracting days”

8. What is your purpose with the music you send out? My music’s purpose is to glorify God and encourage others to find a way to do the same.
9. What would you like to say to our generation? Find Purpose…..

10. What would you like to say to the sinner who feels like he/ she can’t come to God? I would say, “ok, great, you’re human too.” Truth is there are many times I’ve felt this way. I was born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Adam and Eve walked and conversed with God on a closer level than most humans could even imagine and when they were caught in sin they hid. David was caught in sin and tried to cover it up. Jonah was disobedient. Judas knew he was going to sell the messiah of for some silver. I guess what im getting at is even the holiest of holy saints feel this way lol. At the end of the day, God already knows you’ve fallen….he wants to help you get back up. Learn from the examples in the bible of people who hid their sin and then read Luke 8:17. Then read Luke 1:50 and it will explain that he has mercy that is endless and flows in wave after wave. He can’t fix it if you won’t give it to him. The oil light in your car won’t go off until you take it into the mechanic. ijs

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Such a beautiful way to express the Lord! I’m so very thankful Adrion was available and open to share his heart with us regarding His praise towards our Heavenly Father! I hope you have been encouraged.

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media. Or you can pray right now. “Lord Jesus I believe you love me with an everlasting love. I believe you came into the World to die for my sins and forgive my sins. Please come live in me and  dine with me. I choose you to be my Lord and Savior! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

The Bible says, “anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13. Please share with a believer if this is your first time to pray that prayer! And please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment!

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