We are being sent to dangerous environments! Are you prepared?!


Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.“ Matt 10:16

Wolves are natorious for preying on sheep. Wolves will hunt and eat a sheep. This gruesome message from Jesus isn’t something to take lightly. I am sending you to very dangerous situations. I am sending you to a situation where the people would like to devour you. Be as clever (shrewd) as snakes and harmless as dove. Be strategic. Be aware. Be sober of people and your surroundings.


Oh I am so thankful for the Bible. Every word provided in it is so  critical for our understanding and walking by faith.  The warnings and messages will serve as important treassures to live by, to be gaurded in, and to meditate on. It’s beautiful because the Lord not only thought of everything so we might have success as faithful children but God also provided the very tools so that we would have the ability to walk it out. The very best resource we have is the Holy Spirit that perfectly teaches us all things, warns us about all things, convicts us, leads us, and comforts us. The Holy Spirit is such an amazing resource.

The things that lurk for us in the darkness can be exposed. The advice is clear be as shrewd as a snake.


Be sharp, be smart, be wise and be clever. Be a sharp player on defense. Don’t lie and wait to be devoured. We have been given the resources to pass the test and to endure to the end. We can do this! How am I so confident?! Because my hope and Faith is in His Word. His precious words that haven’t been found to be a lie even today. We can do ALL things through Christ. It’s time to put on our Holy warrior equipment and endure.


We must be wise and be as harmless as doves remembering that though these evil spirits are operating through man at times we must remember who the enemy is. Every Human on this Earth has an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and savior and the moment they do makes them our sibling. We must be harmless because this war isn’t against flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


Are you prepared to fight? Are you aware you are in a war? Are you acknowledging that Jesus is sending us as sheep amongst wolves? Don’t be shocked when an attack comes (because it will come), be ready! We have no need to worry or fear any enemy because the Lion (Jesus) not only walks with us but lives in us.



What are you listening to?

What’s ringing in your ears? What’s on repeat on Spotify? What tv show are you scheduled to watch this week? What sermon are you meditating on? What scripture is flowing through your mind?


My Pastor (Tim Ross) said that when He was speaking to someone they mentioned Fox News  this and Fox News that and immediately He had a thought oh Fox News is your Rabbi. I totally understood how that conclusion could be made just from listening to her speak continuously on what Fox News shared with her (subconsciencly it was shaping the way she thought). So personally I am not someone who watches the news often and this blog post wasn’t written to tell you what not to listen to; However it is written to encourage you to be intentional about hearing the Word of God, good and pure things every chance you can.

BCD257DD-2ED4-4A00-8FB6-A76EFCEC61EDThe Bible is firm to advise us that Faith comes by hearing…! Let’s stop here for a moment and discuss what faith is.


So faith (my complete trust) comes by hearing. P E R I O D. So what should I be tuning my ear to? What should I be listening to? In this very dark World where at any giving moment I could hear an impure sexual comment, injustice statement, war, crooked politician or fear driven announcement about food being released with some unhealthy bacteria at work/school/Church/TV/Radio.

SN: I read a title of a blog where it stated that “Too much bad news can make you sick.” I disagree with this statement. Here is why: What happens to the people that work in a ‘bad news industry’ like a shelter, counseling agency, or CPS? For 40 hours one in those industries can hear a lot of bad news. I believe it’s our faith  in Christ that helps when we hear bad news. When hearing bad news that’s just a fact but what is the Truth? What does the Word of God say regarding that situation? In the Bible it informs us that we will hear about ‘rumors of wars’ (Matt 24:6) almost like it’s saying ‘hey you are going to hear ‘bad news’ but stay focused don’t be distracted, meditate on pure things.

Full circle: We can put our faith in anything we hear, that’s why I’m thankful Paul left us with some guidance in Romans 10:17 ‘Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God’. When we hear things on a day to day basis if we are not careful and use discernement we can begin to meditate on things that eat away at our soul. Words we hear can easily become our truth if we are not making an intentional decision to take thoughts captive and make them obey Christ (2 Cor 10:5). But how would one know what thoughts to take captive? That’s easy! The ones that don’t add up with God’s Word, the truth in the Bible and the Words the Holy Spirit speaks to us (which aligns with the Bible).


#HeartCheck101 What are you listening to? What’s playing in your earlobes that the Devil will use to distract you and pull you away from our God. That’s  been the Devil’s aim when causing words to be spoken/sung/rapped contrary to His word. Remember this scripture ‘life and death is in the power of the tongue.. and they that love it shall eat the fruit of it.’ Proverbs 18:21 You wouldn’t intentionally eat something that’s poisoned right? So why speak poison or allow yourself to meditate on it? Fight that spoken poison that enters your ears with the Word of God and most importantly do your best to be careful what you tune your ears to hear and meditate on pure things to the best of your ability.


I hope this blesses everyone who reads is and encourages you all to continue (or become) Intentional about what you listen to.