I started a profitable business 10 days before getting fired from my Corporate America Job.

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Hey Creators! One day it just clicked for me. Super long post coming in 5 4 3 2 1….💥

You read the title correct. 10 days before being fired from my Corporate America job, I built a profitable Social Media company called Keepin It Social. The day I got fired just so happened to be 2 days before my birthday😂. Talk about when it rains it pours lol. I was so thankful to be fired bc if I was still working for that company, I wouldn’t be living out my dreams which is living where I want to and working when I want to😜.

In 2010, I felt like the Lord was telling me Facebook (social media) was my platform.. to share about Him and my journey. So since 2010, I have always posted with a purpose! I have been consistent easily bc I was posting with an unshakable purposeful foundation that was always motivating me.

This year I became more strategic in my approach to Social Media Platforms because I started to get paid for it. I am so thankful for Tevah the idea man with Nspired Media who saw my worth and literally NSPIRED me to charge my worth and that quadrupled my sells 🤯. I didn’t start at the level that I am on now however I came to this point and this exact moment because of consistency and a strong determination to be on top.

Yup the little ole’ humble church gal is determined to be the BEST. And I’m okay with that and I hope and believe God is okay with that too. I’m depending heavily on Him with my business and day to day practices to the point I see how faithful God is with giving me ideas for my business. Hence the reason why I’m up BEFORE the crack of dawn typing this😆.

Let’s talk about strategy. I have learned that to be the best, one must be willing to learn, ask questions and listen, and hear from people you think have nothing to offer you. Yesterday I hired my first employee and the ideas she gave me was amazing. She is an 18 year old Mexican native and ignorantly I thought I would just need her services for the tedious tasks that will allow me to free up time for more building. But day 1, she showed me that she is capable of critical thinking, invested in my brand, provided a tool that will level up my management skills of my employee(s) [I plan on hiring much more people] and willing to work smarter not harder. She offered help in areas I didn’t know I needed and for that I am grateful. I have over 18 years of training skills so it’s easy for me to train a person to do exactly what I’m doing if they are willing to learn but it was amazing to experience on day 1 one she was teaching me some things. I’m excited to see how this admin will continue to bless my business.

Back to strategy! I’ve learned that with Social Media, I need a strategy and for years I saw strategies being implemented on Social media but didn’t use them. Why?! Because I didn’t care to put much strategy into practice when talking about the Lord or myself so I didn’t use those strategies. But my God is a redeemer… and that also means He is a redeemer of time. So I reviewed my life while using Social Media and went back in time (spiritually speaking) and downloaded a lot of those best practices, I saw over the years. My Social Media business is prosperous on the level that it is bc although I’m starting at square one, I’m really not. I have a social account on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat (@keepinitsocial). Not because I personally desire this but bc my business calls for this. I’ve learned the basics to all of these platforms and some advanced best practices for most of these platforms bc the strategy remains the same across each platform- be consistent with the content I share! It’s quite simple. And apps like Canva, Business Suite, and a plethora of other scheduling apps are making it easier to make one piece of content and spread it amongst several different platforms.

Sticking with one platform just doesn’t make sense… to me. All of these platforms are FREE. So if I can make one piece of content, why not spread it amongst several platforms. Today you will see this. I am writing this on my blog site and will promote it on every platform and/or recreate this content (record a video) to fit my YouTube platform and then repurpose that content. Then I will have a video and written form of “Why I built Keepin It Social”.

One day it clicked. This business is a money maker. Go check out the top corporations. What do they need? In fact EVERY business needs a content creator, social media manager. Check out THEIR salaries. I saw one recently offering $85,000 and can work remote for a content creator/social media Manager position. It really blew my mind that all this time what I was doing for FREE (for myself) people can get paid $85,000 per year for it! 🤯🤯🤯

To wrap this up bc at this point I believe I’m babbling. I had a desire to travel the World and teach. And it looked like that dream would never be. I’ve been to Jamaica and taught for Spirit Airlines and now I’m in Mexico teaching Social Media best practices from my phone😂. All because I was faithful to a call. I was faithful to hearing the Lord say, “Social Media is your platform to share about Me (God) and your journey!”😍

What do you use your Social Media Platform for? If you don’t know what to use it for, I can help with that. Leave me a comment below or visit my website Www.keepinitsocial100.biz to learn more about the packages I offer. OAN (oh and) I designed my OWN website bc Keepin It Social will be more than a Social Media Agency one day- and I’ll offer website building 😜 (If the Good Lord allows be to continue to build here on this Earth). 🙌🏾

Aht aht! Don’t be shy. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also follow me on Social Media @Keepinitsociall on IG, FB, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest & Keepin It Social on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Thank you for your time reading my blog post. 😌

The One and Only,

Sherry T 😘

P.S. With no clue about SEO (until now) google me- Sherry Thorpe. I’m at the top.😜 Because of what?! Posting C•O•N•S•I•S•T•E•N•T•L•Y. Shout out to Shaw Drake and Black Travel Gram for giving me amazing inspiration to dream BIG! And thank you to #ShersZoomZoomRoom for all of your support.

📸Me📍Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA #MyDaddysHouse May 2021

The Plug for Tulum

Boat Tour curated by Playa Noir

Hey There,

Are you planning a trip to Tulum? Well look no further for an ultimate travel guide for Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Check out all of the hottest activities, tours, clubs, and adventures in this blog written by a women who lives in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico named Sherry Thorpe- Hey-that’s me! Also I am a travel agent so if you’d like for me to plan your trip with the discounts that I receive below feel free to message me on FB Sherry Thorpe or Instagram @SherryThorpe7

Hot Places to stay, more tours, more clubs/lounges coming soon- check back in 10 days.

I moved to Playa Del Carmen by accident lol. I went for an extended escape from the United States of America and fell in love with Mexico and decided to become an Expat permanently. I have learned so much by living in the Playa Del Carmen/Tulum area and I am excited to share the ultimate plug list with YOU. Please mention my name when reaching out to the companies below like Black Travel Gram, Playa Noir, and The Tribe Tulum.

Arriving in Cancun Airport- Keep in mind UBER cannot drive to the airport so you should coordinate a pick up from your hotel/resort. You may also schedule a ride with the ADO- click here to schedule a ride.

Videographers/ Photographers – If you need a photographer/videographer while in town, I have that plug too. Check out some of my favorite photographers/videographers/drone footage as well.

Light House Media click to view portfolio, Kierra click to view portfolio, Danielclick to view portfolio

Land Tours/ Events

Plenty of parties in Tulum. Check out the famous restaurant/beach club Taboo. Please know a reservation is necessary to enter the beach club as there are no walk ins. Check out the highlight below of our experience there (video recording and edited by Urban Dan on IG) view footage below.

Ambar Tulum has Bottle service, hookah and guest DJs. Check the below website and Instagram pages for weekly events.

Boat Tours

You can book a private Yacht by contacting Black Travel Gram check out this highlight from BTG click here, Playa Noir, The Tribe Tulum.

Black Travel Gram Boat tour (follow BTG on Instagram)

Activities in Tulum

You may contact and visit The Tribe Tulum’s website click here for extra activites such as Fine Dining in the sky, Private Helicopter ride, beach club parties and ATV rides and much more.

Beach Club Party in Tulum curated by The Tribe Tulum @ Azul Hotelito

Balloon Decor for weddings, birthday, anniversary celebrations.

Balloons By Creative Cherished One

Click here to view more balloon decor and to book🎈

Amusement Parks

Xcaret Parks is an amusement park very unique from our usual American Built Six Flags. Xcaret has other amusement parks such as Xplor, Xel-Há, Xavage, Xcaret, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco. View the activities that are included in some of the the following amusement parks.


  • Carnival-type games at the start of the evening.
  • Mexican gondola ride through festive canals.
  • Dinner with the distinct flavors of Mexican cuisine.
  • Open bar of beer, tequila, rum, and vodka, with soft drinks and aguas frescas.


  • Kayak
  • Ropes Course
  • Children’s Area
  • Jet Boat
  • Monster Truck
  • Zip-line
  • Rafting
  • Delicious food and non-alcoholic beverages

Xplor Fuego

  • Pinwheel, the departure point where the magic begins.
  • Path of Feeling: a fun Way of Dwarfs and Giants; different ecosystems in pitch black darkness at Xensatorium; a walk beneath the Earth in the Labyrinth of Underground Arteries; a place full of nature in The Eden; and a refreshing Xitric Garden in this trail known before as Consensible Circuit.
  • Path of Doing: known before as Inconsensible Circuit, get wondered with a big red Heartbeat; an original and nonsensical Town; a waterslide in Slip; a hover in the sky in Bird Flight; floating down the stream in Riverlaxing; and getting covered in mud from head to toe in the Sludgerie.

I will be adding to this list as I find out more and more fun experience you must put on your Tulum Bucket List.

Things to do in Dallas


So I lived in Dallas For 20 plus years and hadn’t explored Dallas until I befriended out of towners! To my surprise Dallas is a hot spot and there was so much to do outside the comfort of my home🤣😂🤣. 

This is blog post will be added to with more amazing things to do until then check out the below activities from Spas, hotels, museums, bars, amusement parks, and an outdoor movie theatre #ohyeah!


Enjoy the spa as well as getting a couple massage. You can find discounted tickets on Groupon from time to time. 🚨 Be sure to look at the entry day and the expiration date. 



Spa Castle

Outdoor/indoor activities 

Dallas Farmer Market

Location: 1010 S. Pearl Expy. 

Price: FREE

When: EVERYday 8:00am-5:00pm except for Wednesday (Weekends are THE  best.)

Six flags https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas

Hurricane Harbor https://www.sixflags.com/hurricaneharbortexas

State Fair (seasonal usually Sept & Oct)  https://bigtex.com

Klyde Warren (food trucks on the weekend). This park is in the heart of downtown Dallas with daily activities click ➡️  Things to do for the events!

From Klyde Warren Park catch the M-line vintage trolly though Uptown- The M-Line’s air-conditioned and heated restored vintage trolleys operate normally 365 days a year, providing safe, clean, reliable, and convenient public transportation free of charge (except charters) in Dallas’ vibrant Uptown Neighborhood. Schedule (click)

whirlyball – a competive mix of lacrosse, basket ball. (located in Plano/Hurst)

Pinstack Bowling -bowling, rock climbing, laser tag, games, bar and chef-inspired cuisine.”


Nylo hôtel rooftop bar (maybe renamed Canvas Hotel) – Address (click here)







Shell shack




Want to take some dope photos?! Please visit Sweet Tooth hotel


More museums listed here


Best places to watch a movie

Drive in movie theatre (Fort Worth)

Paint with a twist



Omgoodness. Texas winos is one of my favorites things to do. When you take the Texas winos tour you will tour up to 3 wineries, provided with a wine glass, a photographer will capture the moments. No need to worry about transportation as they will provide a travel bus (other groups will join you and your party of 2, 3, 4 plus peeps!)


Many popular cities in the USA have a city pass tourist pass where you can visit multiple popular places in that city for a discounted rate. Find the city pass discounted ticket below:


CityPASS Admission Includes




thirty w1ne – Getting better with time

Me at 30 and 364 days 📸 Auntie Bea

And the turning thirty w1ne happened!

A lot can happened in 1 year. Last year I entered my Thirties aka #Classy360 and today (Jan 28, 2019) I turned 31! It safe to say I’m no where NEAR where I thought I would be.

My life just isn’t going according to my plans. I’m truly learning what it means ‘God orders my steps’. This statement is so loaded. The God of this universe is ordering my steps and majority of the time, I am not consulted, forewarned/told about that next step or what’s to come. I have no idea what I thought walking by faith was but I definitely didn’t think it was this. What I see happening and think that I could predict the outcome or next step is going to be is usually not my next step, this has actually caused frustration in my life. Although sometimes frustrations come with ‘walking by faith’ my trust in God is being strengthened because I have no idea what the next step is. And sometimes even if I know the next step, I don’t know how to take the step. It’s almost like I become a baby learning how to walk as I enter each season and God says, ‘Come on, you can do it!’

📸 Auntie Bea

So here I grow again I stumbling into the next season totally trusting God’s word that I can do it. It’s not like I can do it on my own, definitely learning this by trial and error🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m learning that the doubt I have, was in myself and I’m learning to constantly remind myself that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! I can do this. Whatever God has called me in and through, I can do this!

Alright so here’s a one year update:

Last year #Classy360 | This year #thiryw1ne

lived in Irving, Tx, USA| Ft Lauderdale, FL 🏡

had 12 plus roomies      | has 2 roomies

did not live with Dad     | Lives with Dad

didn’t have working car| Has car 🚘

desired airline job           | got the airline job✈️

Single                                  | Still single

Enjoying life                       | Enjoying life

Growing with God, enjoying His word and patiently sometimes in frustration waiting on my #Boaz

Side note: My birthday theme this year is #thirtyw1ne. I totally planned this wine tour in Texas and those plans ceased to coming to pass so I dipped off to Guatemala to celebrate entering in a new year of another age for me. The first well known and documented miracle that Jesus did, was turning water into wine. I’m learning to give God what I got and watch Him turn water into wine in my own life. Witnessing this first hand has been quite magnificent. At the time Jesus turned water into wine, the disciples didn’t ask for a miracle because they barely knew Jesus, they didn’t know what He was capable of but Jesus’ Earthly Mama- Mary knew Him. She informed Jesus of a problem and commanded the wedding servants to do as he says! Sometimes we may know that God can do it and other times the thought that God can do it never crosses our mind. I’m so thankfully God performs miracles in my life whether I think to ask for them or not!💯

I’m so very thankful that God knows the plans He has for us. He knows the path He has strategically chosen for our each of our Life. I’m so excited about my future because I know my God will keep me. He has kept me so far and I’m so blessed by this keeping. So 🥂’s to allowing God to take the lead and being willing to and actually walking in the steps God has ordered! 💋 #thirtyw1ne here I come!

📸 Auntie Bea







Guat’s Up #Guatemala


oh my oh my oh my!

So can I tell you that my trip to Guatemala City and Antigua was completely spontaneous and was so magnificent! Can I just tell you that I am a planner! Especially when I go on a trip out of the country, I like to look for activities to do, sites to see, and get to know as much about the country as possible. Well this wasn’t the case with my trip to Guatemala! At the very last minute I planned a trip and was off to my very first visit to Guatemala.

Guatemala is located in Central America, near one of my favorite countries, Belize! Guatemala City is divided in Zones and and I stayed in Zone (Zona) 10 near the Oakland Mall!



Habla Espanol? Well I know a little Spanish and I got around fine. Majority of the country speaks Spanish. This wasn’t like Cancun where I could find a lot of locals who spoke English. I definitely felt the need to go back home and learn Spanish. Nonetheless everyone was helpful and I got around fine with the little Spanish I knew! Also I met a solo traveler (just like myself) and she knew more Spanish than me, so that helped a lot.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff right! What did I do? Well because I was only there for 3 days, I saw a lot but no where near all of what the country or even the two cities I visited had to offer.

The first place I visited was Oakland Mall! Y’all this mall was huge. I counted the number of floors a few times and I believe the number I care up was 8! Yes you read that correctly 8 floors! So if you’re a shoppaholic it’s a must you stop by the mall and get your fix! The mall has a plethora of restaurants on the ‘rooftop’ – not exactly on the roof FYI, it’s just that floors name’


The highlight of my Guatemala City visit was the mall. In Zona 10 there’s a bar and club area. Literally all within walking distance or an  UBER. <—- That’s a great Segway to transportation.

Guatemala public transportation- Guat has buses and Uber (super cheap) however I was advised against riding the Local buses due to the danger (FYI I went to Guatemala solo and not once did I feel threatened) in fact there’s plenty of police officers and security guards with guns and that helped with me feel more safe in the foreign land!

Guatemala’s money- There exchange rate was about 7.6 Q to the U.S dollar. I went to the bank in the Oakland mall to exchange my US dollars for Guatemalan Quetzal. You can pay with U.S dollars in Guatemala as well. But just to ensure I received the correct change and to avoid confusion, I paid with Guat’s Q or my debit card!


My plan was to take a tour from Guatemala City to Antigua but the tour companies would only take 2 minimum for the tour. But I’m so glad I was denied because my alternative route was much better! I googled and found a blog about Guatemala and low and behold Claire wrote a blog on how to get from Guatemala City to Antigua. And she mentioned ÇA Express. Aghhh this bus was the fanciest shuttle bus I’ve ever been on. They have a small bar, snacks/beverages for sell and free WiFi!!! And the owner Pierro (who is fluent in English) was so helpful. He is responsible for our smooth transition from his bus into Antigua! He knew the town and recommended all the hot spots. Pay the extra dollar or two and get the comfort, WiFi and amazing deets on Antigua!


Okay let’s jump to what is now my favorite city on EARTH! #Antigua ❤️

Antigua used to be Guatemala’s Capitol city but now Guatemala City is and OH MY it is full of culture, surrounded by volcanos and gives off great vibes! You can literally walk from one side of the city to the other side in 20’minutes!


Fast forward to a beautiful Farm to Table restaurant called Caoba Farm . Funny story because I wasn’t paying much attention to the name ‘Farm to Table’ as we were exploring the farm, I saw animals like sheep, chickens, pigs and turkeys. And I said, ‘Wow it’s like a small zoo!’ As I’m snapping photos. I was reminded by Jennifer that those animals will be someone’s dinner! #Wow 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Lol How did I miss that?! 😂😂But VEGANS don’t worry the farm had plenty of meal selections for you too!

Caoba Farm

Caoba Farm was my first ‘Farm to table experience and it was so grand. It’s a must you go there for lunch, breakfast, or dinner. Prices are reasonable as well. The average meal was around $10 to $15 USD. We visited on a Saturday and there was live music.

Caoba Farm- Curry Chicken sandwich, potatoes, salad and a strawberry smoothie

Strawberry smoothie with a flower on top!

Okay as I mentioned in the beginning that I didn’t spend enough time to get out of the country everything it has to offer but just because I didn’t doesn’t mean you can not. I have listed some other tourist spots in Guatemala. And of course I am going back so I’ll definitely update this blog post accordingly.

Atitlan Lake (2 hours from Guat City)- Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the World!

Pacaya Volcano (1 hour from Guat City)- Most frequently climbed Volcano. Views are amazing. I saw pictures from a girl that I met in a hostel and she was literally above the clouds. One of the reason I have to go back ASAP is to hike this Volcano. It’s a two day trip. Definitely worth it so alive heard!

Semuc Champey (6 hours from Guat City) -Natural pools

Chichi Castenango (2.5 hours from Guat City) Considered one of the largest indigenous market in the whole region!

Well that’s all folks! Thank you for checking out my blog post about my trip to Guatemala. Feel free to browse around. Just FYI, my blog is about my spiritual journey as well as my Earthly journey:-) Feel free to drop a comment. Until next time #WhereInTheWorldIsSherryCherryBerry. Who knows where I’m going next! ✈️✈️✈️


How to recover from abuse.

A fancy title was unnecessary for this unpleasant topic. As I begin to type there’s such a fear for me to continue but I am sure based on God’s secure words that He has not given me a spirit of fear but of peace and a sound mind.

So here we go. Did you know 1 in 10 children have been sexually abused before the age of 18? Click here

Screenshot taken from d2l.org site


I wanted to touch a few points regarding molestation as well as share my story in hopes to help someone receive necessary healing and freedom from the pain that’s associated with experiencing it.

1. It’s NOT your fault. If a person touched you or performed any sexual acts with you as a child (or against your will) it’s not your fault. Grown ups should protect children at all cost. Unfortunately we live in a very sinful, sexual world. Some people have a desire to seek sex from a child and force themselves to steal a child’s purity and it’s not ok and it’s not your fault. It’s that person’s wicked desire to engage in something God did not make right.

2. Secrecy turns to shame. The violation that one experiences regarding this topic causes some to keep it a secret (especially if they’ve been threatened or asked to). Sometimes horror stories of not being believed causes one to keep their mouth closed until the pain outweighs their shame. The violator May ask for the child to keep it a secret from fear of being exposed to the wickedness they are for sure isn’t right.

3. Confront it- This may be hard but is absolutely necessary for you or the person/child to move on. Accept the fact that it has happened and sadly the past can not be changed but you can absolutely walk in complete freedom the pain. Counceling may help you. Talking about it is one way of confronting what happened and processing it.

4. Forgive the violator. A lot of people think forgiving a person is giving them a pass to continue on misbehaving, or saying that they are right and that’s not the case. Being molested is not right and when you forgive that person that violated you, it will FREE you from the pain they afflicted upon you.  I saw a fb post the other day, ‘when we don’t forgive it’s like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.’

5. Enjoy life– The past can not be changed but your future can be. There’s so much in life for you to experience and I want everyone that has experienced molestation to know that there’s such a beautiful World for one to experience. The pain you encounter doesn’t have to be a weight you carry for a lifetime. You can enjoy life and live a healthy life although you’ve experienced this tragedy as a child. I am a living testimony.


On to my testimony:

Around the age of four I was molested by an extended family member. Looking back on it; it seemed normal. I was a child and he said, ‘let’s be friends.’ And then he did what he did to me and said, ‘it’s our secret, don’t tell anyone.’ The last time it happened I guess my little child self was fed up and I told him. ‘I didn’t want to be friends anymore.’ And He never touched me again (actually I think a family member suspected something and eventually he was removed from the household). I remember going to school one day and the school had a puppet program and it was about molestation (kid friendly). At the end of the program the question was asked, ‘Has anyone touched you?!’ And I remember wanting to say something (in fact I used to have a lot of black outs from my memory around that time so I am not for sure if I did or not.) At the age of 11 I shared with one of my friends what happened and she shared that she too was molested. Sharing with my friend gave me the courage to share with another friend and she was molested to. When I got older I did alot of research and found some devastating statiscs on molestation. It happens so often and usually with someone in the family or close to it. The violated can easily become the violator and it turns in to vicious cycle.

Sharing with my family wasn’t done in a pleasant way at all. In fact it was messy, chaotic and disrespectful. I was 21 years old and the guilt of my own sins (having sex before marriage, doing drugs, not honoring my Dad) and the shame of molestation was such a heavy burden for me to carry. I literally told my family and later wanted to commit suicide (I’ll be doing a blog on suicide at a later date.) Later that week I gave my life to Jesus and entered such a loving relationship with Him. Jesus not only healed my heart but freed me from all the pain I encountered as a child!


How did I forgive the man that violated me? I just remember struggling with a particular sin and meditating on the scripture, ‘all fall short of the glory of God.’ And I thought about all the bad things I did and how out of control I was and felt. I mean I was a thief, liar, backstabber, drama starter, disrespectful and much more. Jesus died for and forgave me just as he died for the man that molested me. Soon my heart was softened. I don’t think anyone truly wants to hurt a child however I believe being controlled by a sinful nature can cause a person to do ungodly things.  This thought allowed me to whole heartedly forgive him and move on. That moment has also caused me to be more understanding and merciful regarding people’s choices to choose wickedness over righteousness. I take great comfort in knowing, ‘that all things work together for good for those who love God.’ Being molested didn’t destroy me but I do believe if one isn’t healed the pain associated with the violation will kill the person; Unforgivess, shame, and pain can cause physical sickness in the body. We can get the counseling we need to move forward and enjoy the life God has gifted to us.


Check out this blog on how to spot a molester :


I hope this helps you or helps you understand molestation a little more. I pray that the Lord heals your heart completely if you’ve been violated in any way shape or form. I pray that you truly walk in the freedom God has planned for your life. Please feel free to leave me  comment or a DM if you would like through social media.


FB: Sherry Thorpe
IG: SherryThorpe7

Twitter: SherryThorpe7
Website: http://www.WhereInTheWorldIsSherry.com

Viva Los Cabo

Omgoodness where do I begin.


Okay, okay I will  begin with the knowledge I received while in Cabo that I wish I had known before.

Los Cabos consist of 2 towns: San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. San Jose is way cheaper and is more chill. San Lucas has about 20 mile passage of beach front resorts. San Lucas resorts include everything you would possibly need like food, drinks (small bar located in RIU Santa Fe rooms) , beaches, tour reservations, pool, clubs, and pool parties. If you can’t find what you need on the resort then a Walmart is central to the resorts and taxis are always available.

My friends planned their trip in advance and I literally planned my trip the month of us leaving. I did not stay in the resort although I visited (not knowing that I couldn’t visit!) #whoops Since I wasn’t allowed on the property without buying a day pass (price range $95 to $125 just ask the front desk if you’d like one) I traveled to my Air BNB and man Oh man it was “Trouble, Trouble” (in my Bernie mac voice. Neither myself nor the taxi driver could find the Air bnb so I ended up booking a hotel last minute, thank the Lord I didn’t visit Cabo during the busy season. I ended up spending an additional $175.00 for the hotel (my air bnb was $68 in all but I got a full refund). Lets talk about this later; back to the details I wish I knew before hand.


“The Cartel is going to get me!” Ugh such a false statement. I was thoroughly educated regarding the Cartel and they do not attack the Americans in fact they protect them #PlotTwist. The reason they protect the Americans and want  them to have a good time is because ‘Americans buy drugs” WELP, why kill off your biggest clients? Dear Americans you have nothing to fear (fyi I don’t do drugs but I am still protected by the Cartel lol.) Now I still recommend that you stay cautious of your surroundings. I traveled by myself and I was fine. The mexican people are friendly towards the tourist

My travel plans: I bought 2 one way tickets. Spirit DFW (Dallas, TX) to SJD (Cabo) for $110.63 and SJD to DFW on American Airlines for $100.35. Yes you read that correctly in all for a round trip I paid $211 to go to Cabo! #Winning. I left Dallas to Cabo on Sunday and returned to Dallas on Thursday. Play around with google flights to find the best price for you.



I purchased my round trip airport shuttle for $34 and ended up cancelling my return trip and caught the bus to the Airport for about $3 to to $4 USD. The service is legit. I purchased a shared ride in a van and I didn’t have any trouble. You will also receive confirmations and receipts via email. I have trust issues with giving my money to people in foreign countries (lol my own country too) so I was thankful to find this legit company.


Buses and Taxis – I felt as if the taxis were a tad bit on the expensive side. I got hit with its $10 USD for a one way trip a few times and I immediately learned how to use the bus transportation; Its about 1.50 up to $4.00 for one trip.

My tours: I used Priceless tours for 3 of my tours and 1 tour was purchased from a guy on the beach that my friends chose the first night. In all I paid a little under $200 in tours. The tour I purchased with my friends was a glass boat tour (we paid $20- you can buy it online for cheaper). The tour guide allowed me to stay over and snorkel while he did other tours and he came back to come get me ( I snorkeled without my friends, they really weren’t feeling it).  I purposely bought my own snorkel gear to well ugh snorkel.  I am so thankful I snorkeled that first day because I wasn’t able to snorkel any other days due to the beach conditions (the waves were too aggressive for swimming.) I LOVE THE BEACH so hearing the news that I couldn’t swim for the last 2 days of my trip was not pleasant news. SN: Alot of the Beaches in Cabo aren’t swim-able and I was advised this happens a lot.



My dry land tour was freaking amazing I rode a freaking camel… in the desert. YAY! Now about this tour “they will say that you can’t take pictures but in actuality the tour guides can not take pictures of you so partner with another couple and ask them to take pictures of you and you can return the favor.



My last tour included visiting 4 of the best clubs in San Lucas with transportation. It was interesting how N. American Music gets a club turned up no matter the country. If you are a party person this is the tour for you its called party hopper.

I had a blast in Cabo. Please visit my gallery for more photos from my Cabo trip! I hope this blog post gave you a little insight on traveling to Cabo. Feel free to drop a comment. Thanks for visiting my page.

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We are being sent to dangerous environments! Are you prepared?!


Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.“ Matt 10:16

Wolves are natorious for preying on sheep. Wolves will hunt and eat a sheep. This gruesome message from Jesus isn’t something to take lightly. I am sending you to very dangerous situations. I am sending you to a situation where the people would like to devour you. Be as clever (shrewd) as snakes and harmless as dove. Be strategic. Be aware. Be sober of people and your surroundings.


Oh I am so thankful for the Bible. Every word provided in it is so  critical for our understanding and walking by faith.  The warnings and messages will serve as important treassures to live by, to be gaurded in, and to meditate on. It’s beautiful because the Lord not only thought of everything so we might have success as faithful children but God also provided the very tools so that we would have the ability to walk it out. The very best resource we have is the Holy Spirit that perfectly teaches us all things, warns us about all things, convicts us, leads us, and comforts us. The Holy Spirit is such an amazing resource.

The things that lurk for us in the darkness can be exposed. The advice is clear be as shrewd as a snake.


Be sharp, be smart, be wise and be clever. Be a sharp player on defense. Don’t lie and wait to be devoured. We have been given the resources to pass the test and to endure to the end. We can do this! How am I so confident?! Because my hope and Faith is in His Word. His precious words that haven’t been found to be a lie even today. We can do ALL things through Christ. It’s time to put on our Holy warrior equipment and endure.


We must be wise and be as harmless as doves remembering that though these evil spirits are operating through man at times we must remember who the enemy is. Every Human on this Earth has an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and savior and the moment they do makes them our sibling. We must be harmless because this war isn’t against flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


Are you prepared to fight? Are you aware you are in a war? Are you acknowledging that Jesus is sending us as sheep amongst wolves? Don’t be shocked when an attack comes (because it will come), be ready! We have no need to worry or fear any enemy because the Lion (Jesus) not only walks with us but lives in us.



What are you listening to?

What’s ringing in your ears? What’s on repeat on Spotify? What tv show are you scheduled to watch this week? What sermon are you meditating on? What scripture is flowing through your mind?


My Pastor (Tim Ross) said that when He was speaking to someone they mentioned Fox News  this and Fox News that and immediately He had a thought oh Fox News is your Rabbi. I totally understood how that conclusion could be made just from listening to her speak continuously on what Fox News shared with her (subconsciencly it was shaping the way she thought). So personally I am not someone who watches the news often and this blog post wasn’t written to tell you what not to listen to; However it is written to encourage you to be intentional about hearing the Word of God, good and pure things every chance you can.

BCD257DD-2ED4-4A00-8FB6-A76EFCEC61EDThe Bible is firm to advise us that Faith comes by hearing…! Let’s stop here for a moment and discuss what faith is.


So faith (my complete trust) comes by hearing. P E R I O D. So what should I be tuning my ear to? What should I be listening to? In this very dark World where at any giving moment I could hear an impure sexual comment, injustice statement, war, crooked politician or fear driven announcement about food being released with some unhealthy bacteria at work/school/Church/TV/Radio.

SN: I read a title of a blog where it stated that “Too much bad news can make you sick.” I disagree with this statement. Here is why: What happens to the people that work in a ‘bad news industry’ like a shelter, counseling agency, or CPS? For 40 hours one in those industries can hear a lot of bad news. I believe it’s our faith  in Christ that helps when we hear bad news. When hearing bad news that’s just a fact but what is the Truth? What does the Word of God say regarding that situation? In the Bible it informs us that we will hear about ‘rumors of wars’ (Matt 24:6) almost like it’s saying ‘hey you are going to hear ‘bad news’ but stay focused don’t be distracted, meditate on pure things.

Full circle: We can put our faith in anything we hear, that’s why I’m thankful Paul left us with some guidance in Romans 10:17 ‘Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God’. When we hear things on a day to day basis if we are not careful and use discernement we can begin to meditate on things that eat away at our soul. Words we hear can easily become our truth if we are not making an intentional decision to take thoughts captive and make them obey Christ (2 Cor 10:5). But how would one know what thoughts to take captive? That’s easy! The ones that don’t add up with God’s Word, the truth in the Bible and the Words the Holy Spirit speaks to us (which aligns with the Bible).


#HeartCheck101 What are you listening to? What’s playing in your earlobes that the Devil will use to distract you and pull you away from our God. That’s  been the Devil’s aim when causing words to be spoken/sung/rapped contrary to His word. Remember this scripture ‘life and death is in the power of the tongue.. and they that love it shall eat the fruit of it.’ Proverbs 18:21 You wouldn’t intentionally eat something that’s poisoned right? So why speak poison or allow yourself to meditate on it? Fight that spoken poison that enters your ears with the Word of God and most importantly do your best to be careful what you tune your ears to hear and meditate on pure things to the best of your ability.


I hope this blesses everyone who reads is and encourages you all to continue (or become) Intentional about what you listen to.

Have you ever felt like you were taking 2 steps foward only to end up 5 steps backwards?



Have you ever felt like you were moving ahead only to be knocked back to the starting line? Some people say that they feel like they are taking 2 steps forward to take 5 steps backwards. Well I’ve had this mindset too many times to count.

One day I had a very long talk with the Lord and I believe God directed me to the story of Joseph in Genesis 37 to 47. Joseph was a son of Jacob aka Israel. Joseph had 11 brothers and he was also his Father’s favorite. One day Joseph had a dream about him being a ruler; he shared that dream with his family. Joseph brothers already despised him due to their father’s favoritism toward Joseph and that dream caused them to dislike him even more; so they plotted to kill him. SIDE NOTE: The Bible has so much drama and action I just love it. Okay back to the regular schedule. The brothers plotted against Joseph, it turned from ‘let us kill him to let us sell him into slavery.’ They decided to go with the latter so Joseph was a salve in Egypt. Joseph rose to a position as managing Potiphar’s (his master) house. One day Potiphar’s wife tries to take Joseph’s goodies and Joseph wasn’t having it and he fled. Potiphar’s wife lied and said Joseph tried to take her therefore Joseph was thrown into jail. Sounds like 2 steps foward and 5 steps backwards right?

Joseph had a turn of position in jail as well as he rose to leadership once again. Ultimately He was released from jail and became 2nd in command to Pharoah ( basically He was acting as Pharaoh) ruling the land! Talk about dreams coming true, right?

Many times we are given a vision or dream from God and I think we believe it’s supposed to promptly happen with no suffering, hardships, or set backs. If we look at successful people even in our day and age, they had sufferings, set backs for days/weeks/months/years. One would think our setbacks aren’t part of our plan but what if it was all part of God’s plan? What if even our mistakes and struggles are taken into consideration before we are given the dream or the vision? God may give the promise but usually he leaves out the little details.


Every person on this Earth will endure some sort of hardship. The poor and the rich, famous and the unknown, children and adults, believers and unbelievers. Since we are believers we must remember that God will absolutely use all things to work for our good (Romans 8:28). I believe Joseph’s journey prepared him and built good character within him for his role as leader of Egypt. If we take time to look over our life we can see where our life experiences have prepared us for where we are. Don’t get too comfortable though, we are still on the journey of a lifetime and things will change; we will rise to new levels and we may have setbacks along the way before we arrive at our dream. We can all rejoice no matter the situation because we know that God is well aware of every situation we have, are in and will encounter. Our mission is to trust the King. Trust that God has the entire World in his hands and that nothing will come against us that God himself isn’t prepared to handle or to have us handle. We are his children and God takes care of his own… perfectly!

So yes it may appear that we are taking 2 steps foward only to take 5 steps backwards but in reality it’s a preparation for the next level of life. Every experience is needed for the very fine details of our life. We as believers are in the unique position to not be in the dark about hardships and set backs. We know that it’s all part of God’s plan. So lift your head up Child of God, if you feel as if you’re in the 5 steps back season be encouraged you will not be there forever, it’s only an intricate season that’s needed for growth. All things work together for our good and that is #GodsPlan because He orders our steps💜


If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media. Or you can pray right now. Lord Jesus I believe you love me with an everlasting love. I believe you came into the World to die for my sins and forgive my sins. Please come live in me and  dine with me. I choose you to be my Lord and Savior! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

The Bible says, “anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13. Please share with a believer if this is your first time to pray that prayer! And please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment!


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