The Way is not limited to a path, He is a person and His name is Jesus!



So many times I hear Jesus being limited to a path we should take. In one sense of course this is true. This blog post is not to disclaim this truth but to shine light on how “The Way” is so much bigger than a path we should take.

In John 14:6 NLT “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” There is only one way to God and Jesus is the key! Here is where we see Jesus to be one path to one destination. Okay so Jesus gives me access to the Holy God so when will we ever need “The Way” again? I’m so glad you’ve asked that question! Everyday we have choices set before us and as we enjoy Jesus as Life aka “The Way” We spontaneously choose “the Life Way”. In Deuteronomy 30:19-20 God says this:


When we are in Jesus (the matter of position) we are enjoying Him as our Life and we spontaneously choose “The Way” which is always the perfect Way, always the right path, always choosing blessing! Now if we are honest with ourselves, we know sometimes in our life we do not choose Life, we choose death by being in the flesh and making “fleshly” desire decisions. We may choose death in the way we choose to react when someone is rude to us by responding in a way that Christ would not want us to respond; However on the flip side God has a plan for when we are operating out of our flesh which leads to death and it’s this scripture:


So when we make bad choices aka flesh decisions, God works turns those decisions to work out for our good. When the enemy has a plan to kill, steal and destroy us- God works that out for our good! How wonderful is this?! This is why we should worry, because even against all odds we come out in top walking on water because God is absolutely for us winning! In fact the Bible says we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS IN CHRIST! (Romans 8:37).

The more we exercise ourselves to purposely focus on Christ, the more we will spontaneously choose Life. Earlier this week I was in a small car accident. A young girl was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic and hit my car. She was frantic when we stopped our cars to exchange information and was extremely hype and in a calm tone (which is absolutely NOT normal for me) I responded to her and she became humble! How was this? Who calmed this storm? I was enjoying Jesus as my Life by singing to Him in the car right before the accident and He was so present during this entire matter (as He is in all of our lives).


I was able to befriend this young woman and tell her a little bit about the Lord and how she should value her life and not be so reckless driving as it could it end very badly for her. Now this was absolutely Christ operating in me as my life because this is just something I wouldn’t do. So it isn’t a matter of thinking of “WWJD” aka “What would Jesus do” and doing it but letting Him operate in you and flow out of you as Life and afterwards your response will be “Oh that’s what Jesus would do!” Jesus was always reaching people no matter the situation. Jesus is “The Way” to reach people. He is always the answer! (John 3:30). The more we spend time with Jesus by reading the Bible, singing to Him, praying, listening to hmHis voice etc.., the more we began to walk and talk like Him. We must be intentional in our relationship with Christ, because that’s what you do when you are in a relationship. If we truly decrease and let Him increase then He can operate in us and God’s will WILL BE DONE and we will have heaven on Earth. (Matt 6:10) So choose “The Way” today and all day by enjoying Christ as your Life and keeping your focus on Him All day!

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media. Or you can pray right now. Lord Jesus I believe you love me with an everlasting love. I believe you came into the World to die for my sins and forgive my sins. Please come live in me and  dine with me. I choose you to be my Lord and Savior! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

The Bible says, “anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13. Please share with a believer if this is your first time to pray that prayer! And please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment!

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I would love to hear anything you would like to share about Jesus so please feel free to drop a comment! Thanks😉

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