Morning Devo – Despite what’s happening in this World, I’ve still been called to go into all the World…! By Sherry Thorpe


I don’t want to get to the end of my earthly life and turn back and say, “well done Sherry, you succeeded in completing all of your goals!” No I want a “well done” from God. I want to please Him. In order for this to happen I practice being In Christ spontaneously by enjoying Him as my Life, so I can be lead to do exactly what God has ordained me to do.

I try to always bring “the process” up to Christians because I want to remind them, myself included, that we are in the process. God will complete the good work He started in us (Phil 1:6) but it isn’t complete yet. Wanna know how I know? Because we still have our fallen nature. In Christ we are more than conquerors (Roman 8:37) but in ourselves we are still fallen. And although we practice being In Christ, we are not always In Him. Some times we are in ourselves in our feelings. If we could just be honest with ourselves to see our imperfections we will see the Lord is still working on us and this is okay. It’s actually good news! Who else would take their time perfecting YOU? His standard is perfect and this perfect standard can only be met In Christ and He is more than willing to bring you to it spontaneously as you spend time with Him.

My number 1 goal is simple and it is to know God. In knowing God, I find out everything I need to know (Matt 6:33) “the rest added to you”, comes after “seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness“. So first I seek Him and then He reveals Himself, His plans, and my individual purpose in Him. Did you know God wants you to KNOW Him (Hosea 6:6). He wants you to come into the full knowledge of who He is. My prayer for you is simple, it’s a prayer that you may KNOW God for yourself!

How would any of us know anything about God or Know that He wants us to know Him, if no one ever tells us? I have the opportunity to be able to travel often and I’ve visited places because someone mentioned it. I actually didn’t even know some places existed until someone mentioned it to me. Some people have this very small idea that God wants to save them and that’s it BUT He wants to do much more. He wants YOU to be saved into His Kingdom operating in your purpose for the building up of His Church. This takes priority over everything. This is what people mean when they say “God over everything”. But there’s a difference in saying it with our mouths and living it out.

The Lord is merciful so please don’t beat your self up if you’ve put your own interest before Him. Just confess your sins, open yourself to Jesus, so He can wash you clean and build you up in Him. It’s quite simple.

Now as the Lord leads you, tell others about Him in whatever platform He places you in, through speaking, writing a blog, fb post, twitter, in school, at work, at the grocery store, at the gas station, passing out a gospel track- This is going into all the World. You don’t need a passport to tell your coworker(s) or fellow classmate(s) about Jesus. Talking about God should be so normal to believers. After all He is our very foundation and is becoming our very substance. Just let the Lord flow in and out.❤️

Go into all the World and preach the Gospel to all creation” – Mark 16:15

If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, feel free to ask your local pastor or believer. Or you can PM me on social media.

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