Lord, send me I’ll go-where ever you want me to go!

Ruth 1:16

Dear Church,

Send me I’ll go! Who is hype about going where the Lord is calling them? YOU?!

What if the Lord called you to clean toilets?

” Oh no He would never call me to do that?” Or would He?

Shout out to those that accept the calling to preach to the masses and shout out to those that move to Haiti in that hot sun, managing a bakery, and encouraging the Haitian people.

Shout out to being called to being a supervisor in a call center and having the opportunity to speak Christ to people and be an example.

Shout out to the professor/teacher at the College encouraging others to pursue education and setting a fine example of following Christ.

Shout out to the Mother of 4 who manages a full time job and caring for her family all the while giving God His personal time.

Shout out to the college student who just graduated college and had ceized the opportunity to dispense Christ to others.

YOU have been called and chosen and stragically placed RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

You’ve been appointed to carry out the gospel of Jesus RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Don’t wait for the platform it may never come!❤️

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