We are being sent to dangerous environments! Are you prepared?!


Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.“ Matt 10:16

Wolves are natorious for preying on sheep. Wolves will hunt and eat a sheep. This gruesome message from Jesus isn’t something to take lightly. I am sending you to very dangerous situations. I am sending you to a situation where the people would like to devour you. Be as clever (shrewd) as snakes and harmless as dove. Be strategic. Be aware. Be sober of people and your surroundings.


Oh I am so thankful for the Bible. Every word provided in it is so  critical for our understanding and walking by faith.  The warnings and messages will serve as important treassures to live by, to be gaurded in, and to meditate on. It’s beautiful because the Lord not only thought of everything so we might have success as faithful children but God also provided the very tools so that we would have the ability to walk it out. The very best resource we have is the Holy Spirit that perfectly teaches us all things, warns us about all things, convicts us, leads us, and comforts us. The Holy Spirit is such an amazing resource.

The things that lurk for us in the darkness can be exposed. The advice is clear be as shrewd as a snake.


Be sharp, be smart, be wise and be clever. Be a sharp player on defense. Don’t lie and wait to be devoured. We have been given the resources to pass the test and to endure to the end. We can do this! How am I so confident?! Because my hope and Faith is in His Word. His precious words that haven’t been found to be a lie even today. We can do ALL things through Christ. It’s time to put on our Holy warrior equipment and endure.


We must be wise and be as harmless as doves remembering that though these evil spirits are operating through man at times we must remember who the enemy is. Every Human on this Earth has an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and savior and the moment they do makes them our sibling. We must be harmless because this war isn’t against flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


Are you prepared to fight? Are you aware you are in a war? Are you acknowledging that Jesus is sending us as sheep amongst wolves? Don’t be shocked when an attack comes (because it will come), be ready! We have no need to worry or fear any enemy because the Lion (Jesus) not only walks with us but lives in us.



Lord, send me I’ll go-where ever you want me to go!

Ruth 1:16

Dear Church,

Send me I’ll go! Who is hype about going where the Lord is calling them? YOU?!

What if the Lord called you to clean toilets?

” Oh no He would never call me to do that?” Or would He?

Shout out to those that accept the calling to preach to the masses and shout out to those that move to Haiti in that hot sun, managing a bakery, and encouraging the Haitian people.

Shout out to being called to being a supervisor in a call center and having the opportunity to speak Christ to people and be an example.

Shout out to the professor/teacher at the College encouraging others to pursue education and setting a fine example of following Christ.

Shout out to the Mother of 4 who manages a full time job and caring for her family all the while giving God His personal time.

Shout out to the college student who just graduated college and had ceized the opportunity to dispense Christ to others.

YOU have been called and chosen and stragically placed RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

You’ve been appointed to carry out the gospel of Jesus RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Don’t wait for the platform it may never come!❤️

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