How to become a DFW, TX Spirits Brand Ambassador? 🤑

By Sherry T 💕

Have you ever walked into a liquor store and saw someone passing out samples? Or have you been to a restaurant or club or event and there was complimentary samples or cocktails and the representatives were replying that brand? Well those are Brand Ambassador and/or Promo Models!

Promo Models VS Brand Ambassadors. All promo models are brand Ambassadors but not all brand Ambassadors are promo models. The difference for promo models can include pay and it is mostly imaged based. Image based simply means that you need a certain appearance to work the brand.

These BIG brands like Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, Tito’s, Hennessy, Makers Mark, Patron, Herradura and so many more brands want YOU and all consumers to purchase their bottles over the other. They want loyalty so what do they do? They send out brand Ambassadors to represent their company to boost their presence and educate consumers about the brand! These BIG brands hire marketing staffing agencies and these staffing agencies hire brand Ambassador and promo models!

What do you need in Texas to get started: a good attitude, friendly & outgoing personality. You also need to be TABC certified. TABC is a license that is needed to serve alcohol. Most companies require you to have a car and a valid drivers license. I don’t have a car and use public transportation/ UBER to get to events or liquor stores (but I don’t tell most of these staffing companies that lol). You also need a nice headshot and a full body picture of yourself as most staffing agencies will ask for this when you are applying and creating your application profile.

🤑 Payscale – Mostly these agencies pay between $25 to $35/hour. The shifts can range from 2 to 8 hours. Most liqour store tastings are about 3 hours. 🍾

Now finally… Let’s skip to the good part- how does one get in the industry? It’s literally networking your way in? Anytime you see a brand ambassador aka taster ask them what company do they work for, are they hiring and ask if you can have their contact info? That is how I have started with majority of the staffing companies that I staffed with.

Now I am gifting you with some knowledge of some agencies that I know who hire entry level brand Ambassadors as they will train you and get you ready to go out in Texas to represent the brands they have. Please do not put me down as a referral unless you personally asked me if you could. I have a reputation and being that this blog post is public I may not even know you. If my name is mentioned on your application without my permission and the staffing agency reaches out to me, I will inform them that I didn’t refer you and ask them to not hire you due to dishonesty. As this industry is built on reputation and I have worked hard to ensure I am on time, dependable and representing these brands well, I cannot risk someone joining a staffing agency and stating that they referred by me only to not be a great worker!

Now that we have the tough talk out the way, here are some agencies. OAN please don’t reach out to these agencies until you have your TABC license as it takes about 2 hours to complete online and lasts for 2 years. Here’s the cite where you can get your TABC in Texas for less than $15 (if you are in other states see if you need a license to serve Liqour and then look up how to get that license).Serv Safe. You can also use that same license whenever you work at a restaurant as a server or a bartender!

Staffing Agencies:

Dragon Spirts Marketing


Once you begin working with one of these companies 🗣NETWORK with the other people in the Liquor store doing tastings with you. Get their employers contact info and start making money🤑.

I wish you all the best on your Brand Ambassador journey.

🚨3 take aways for those that scan read‼️

🫣 Reputation is everything in this industry so show up ready to work and be on TIME!

😍 Get your TABC license before applying. I included the link and what TABC license is in the blog post.

🥂If you have an alcohol problem THEN THIS JOB isn’t for you. You won’t last long and your reputation will be talked about amongst the staffing agencies. So get the help you need and find a job that isn’t tempting you to drink alcohol!

🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑Bonus one: HAVE FUNNNNNNNN 💋


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