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Hey Y’all!

My name is Sherry and I don’t do the most but I do a lot. I am a business owner and serial entrepreneur. I own a balloon business and a social media agency. I enjoy writing and long walks on the beach lol. No seriously I love to travel and love the beach.

This blog post section is going to be everything Social Media and Marketing. So tighten your bootstraps and lets dig in.

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About Me

I am Social Media Manager with Keepin Its Social and I am passionate about helping business owners work smarter and not harder. She is committed to staying up to date to the latest trends, most effective marketing strategies, and using the latest helpful tools while #keepinitsocial. 

Choosing my team and myself to manage your social media accounts is one decision you will never regret. Let our expertise in Social Media Marketing level up your Social Media Accounts. Schedule a consultation today by clicking here.